CBIT - the Love Solution for Digital Era

Love has been around since forever. So, we can say that this is one of the most powerful energies in our life. Unfortunately, fewer people use it as one of the elements to improve a business system. Until CBIT (Cupid-Bit) came.

What is CBIT?

CBIT is a unique system or project that uses love as the core of its operation. By understanding that every person needs love and a way to express it, this project provides the platform to do that in the form of application. Then, from the activities in it, the effect will be transferred into many other aspects of our lives, especially to the business system. 

CBIT use Blockchain technology to operate its system. Therefore, its performance won’t be disappointed. This technology is also safer, which makes this service become a perfect way to express love without worrying about tampering risk.

How Does It Work?

The user of CBIT application will send the love expression, message, or anything love-related content to other users, which can be his/her couple. This will increase their point in this system that they can use for many things, like service or feature provided by this Cupid project.

This project is also implemented in many businesses, such as tourism, entertainment, cultural events, and even merchants or stores in some areas. The user of Cupid then can use and enjoy the service from those business places and events with the usage of the point from CBIT.


CBIT project uses a token called CBIT. This token was made based on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20), which is known for its fast and excellent performance.
Total supply for CBIT Token is 100,000,000,00 CBIT


CBIT is indeed, a very innovative project. They use the love consensus, which won’t disappear and has strong availability. Then, by implementing it with many local businesses, this project also can help the urban and suburban areas to grow. The traditional businesses won’t suffer anymore, and they can compete on equal ground with the more modern business. This is one of the best yet the simplest solution that we can use to solve the business problem in those areas. Moreover, it also facilitates the digital generation that needs a place to express their love.

Website : https://www.cbit.love
Telegram : https://t.me/CBIT_love
Trade on : https://www.99ex.com/spot/trade#product=cbit_usdt

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