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About is the first e-commerce protocol that allows consumers to buy direct from manufacturers wholesalers and distributors. It’s the next generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in Bulk Pricing, Real-time Logistics, E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency.

Why invest in the BUY Token
  1. World’s first vertically integrated e-commerce Platform on Blockchain.
  2. Our decentralized distribution will compete with Amazon and Walmart’s reach, leveraging unused garage space in a way that is similar to what Airbnb does for house sharing.
  3.’s storefront technology is superior to $17 billion-dollar Shopify.
  4. Direct-to-Consumer Technology that enables individuals to band together and unlock bulk- pricing deals, thus creating economies of scale. The expanded buying power draws similar advantages as Costco or Alibaba.
  5. BUY Tokens have built-in incentive schemes for Node Operators which will enable scaling in the network.
  6. Delivery Network to match local delivery at the last mile with Uber-like capabilities for anyone to deliver goods.
  7. Real-time Logistics Features that enable Manufacturers, Businesses and Consumers to have seamless access to real-time data, thus optimizing the dropshipping costs. Our permissionless, public blockchain is more transparent than FedEx.
  8. We combine the best of blockchains to offer customers a digital ledger that offers fraud-proof solution and auto-verifies transactions for a tamper-proof, secure, immutable audit trail.
  9. Integrated backoffice e-commerce processing technology comparable to
  10. Access to hundreds of brand names for sale through e-commerce storefronts.

Problem and Solution
The current retail system’s PROBLEM
In the current retail system, many consumers are unable to buy directly from manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators, or distributors because of what is called the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ).

For instance, pretend you want to purchase a loveseat at Kohls for $875. Most buyers in the market would purchase that specific loveseat, but the price is a bit out of their budget. However, the loveseat can become cheaper if you can meet the MOQ, or the minimum number of products that need to be ordered to achieve bulk pricing.

For this particular loveseat, the MOQ is 50 units. Let’s face it: you probably don’t want to purchase 50 loveseats unless you’re a furniture tycoon. In the current system, since you can’t buy 50 units, you are unable to achieve bulk pricing.’s SOLUTION
In reality, the couple does not need 50 love seats. NOW for the first time in history, each person will have the buying power of millions in the palm of their hand. The power of the blockchain combined with’s Tipping Point Technology will directly connect consumers with manufacturers enabling consumers to achieve bulk pricing alongside businesses by using our platform.

A promotion can be placed directly on the platform by the manufacturer. Once on the platform, businesses will be given first access to bulk pricing deals. If the MOQ quantity remains unmet, then consumers will be granted access to the promotion. This will be done using Smart Contracts along with’s Tipping Point Technology.

Once a deal is placed on, and the MOQ is met, our smart contract solution triggers the order from the manufacturer, sending it to our warehouses. The products are individually dropshipped to each customer with the same ease-of-use that they would gather ordering from any store online.

The exception is that they are benefitting from the MOQ pricing.’s native coin, the BUY token, will be the currency for all payments within the ecosystem alongside more traditional forms of payment. Utilizing the BUY token, customers will realize further discounts and also not have to deal with conversion issues. DPA app
Our DPA App which is currently being built by our team of developers will be enhanced with a transparent community for commentary and feedback. Not only will this app be the home for our purchasing portal, but it will also include a one-of-a-kind social community.

Our community is packed with features including a unique grading system for suppliers and products, a place for consumers to share thoughts, and a portal to submit requests. The utilization of the manufacturers' MOQ will encourage our users to socially share the deal to hit the quota and also build our membership virally. The app will be capable of directly linking all social media profiles, including the latest social platforms of the Third Web.

Benefits for Retail Market
The DPA platform addresses two basic retail market challenges:
  • Customers would like to buy products at wholesale prices but can’t fulfill the minimum order quantity.
  • Wholesalers want to increase sales by reaching retail customers but that would require additional processes, logistics, etc., and result in higher costs.

Benefits for E-Commerce Stores
DPA will level the playing field for e-commerce stores, putting them on equal footing with large retailers.
  • Manufacturers will now deal directly with consumers without limiting their market reach due to minimum order quantity requirements. DPA showcase technology lets them offer special product deals or liquidate overruns without being subject to the whim of volume or channel buyers because they can reach out directly to consumers.
  • Wholesalers want to increase sales by reaching retail customers but that would require additional processes, logistics, etc., and result in higher costs.

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