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Share: is a crypto-friendly discount travel aggregation platform offering lower prices on travel products and services to consumers than traditional outlets, through an internal real-time crypto to fiat exchange and use of the native Traveler utility token. evolves today’s $7.6 trillion global travel industry by accepting cryptocurrency and including the use of the TVLR token. We drive savings by aggregating content and the lowest possible pricing from resellers with the best prices all over the world. Optimal savings of up to 60% are passed onto our travel customers.

Introduction to the Travel Industry 
Within the travel sector, consumer-facing travel sites are either supplier direct, such as airline and hotel company sites, or Online Travel Agencies who resell this content and are known as OTAs. The two largest OTAs in the world are Priceline and Expedia, two conglomerates spearheaded by their respective main brands which also encapsulate many smaller travel websites and apps. The vast majority of these OTAs do not currently service the cryptocurrency marketplace, and therefore fail to access a potential $390 billion market seeking a viable solution. (In the rare cases where cryptocurrencies may be accepted for payments on a travel site, the user does not get a discount or any other benefit. In fact, it is actually more expensive than simply using fiat, because when the currency is converted to crypto, another fee is accrued in the process.) recognizes this market as a substantial opportunity, not only due to its untapped potential but because the demographics of the typical digital traveler and crypto stakeholder align synergistically. Digital travelers and crypto stakeholders present similar substantial opportunities to monetize, as seen in Table below:

Table: Comparing Digital Travelers and Crypto Stakeholders brings a smarter buying know-how and state of the art aggregation tech to a new class of Travelers – Crypto Holders

The industry is not serving the crypto ready traveler
Online Travel Agencies (“OTA’s) such as Expedia and Priceline do not serve the Crypto Customer. brings both the same content and far lower pricing to the Crypto customer.

Your TVLR token is always worth $1 on our site regardless of what you paid for it is the first travel platform optimized to accept Crypto for Hotel bookings, vacation rentals, and flights. We will soon be adding Rental Car, Cruises and all-inclusive vacation packages such as Safaris and Tours.

TVLR tokens will get the best deals on future travel
Your TVLR Tokens will effectively be buying travel at the lowest net prices negotiated by the smartest wholesale buyers around the world. We will soon be adding Business and First Class Air deals that save you 30 to 60%, as well as Car Rentals, Tours, Cruises and African Safaris with savings of 20 – 50% off the lowest prices anywhere in the market. makes travel better
  • More Savings means More Travel
Take advantage of the smartest buying know-how coupled with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to get the lowest possible prices online for your travel while being able to spend your crypto in a safe and secure way. Buy TVLR Tokens and use them on the site immediately. No waiting for anything to be built.
  • Expanding the logic of Crypto
For those who already understand the extraordinary opportunities opened up by Crypto as well as those coming into this to benefit from lower costs of travel, we are excited and committed to bringing you the best travel deals anywhere in the world.
  • Growing Market brings you Air and Hotel bookings from day 1. We will soon add a wide variety of other travel services including Car Rental, Cruises and Safaris, and Tours at extraordinary savings. As we build our Blockchain based solutions of our Supplier partners we will be increasing the supply of these terrific deals and making them available exclusively on
  • Secure Transactions
Both the purchase of your TVLR Tokens and the travel transactions on the site are secure and private. Please read our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. We will never share your data with or sell to any party.

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