Depository Network - Decentralized Multi-Platform Collateral Infrastructure

Depository Network is a high-tech infrastructure enabling lenders worldwide to accept digital assets as collateral. Any lender can use DEPO infrastructure to build custom depository platform and accept different types of digital assets as collateral. Holders of digital assets retain ownership for the entire loan period. The terms for the collateral contracts are deļ¬ned by every lender individually.

About Depository Network

More than 50,000 banks, sub-prime lenders, consumer finance companies, crypto lenders and P2P lending platforms all over the world. Our goal is within 7 years to reach 5 % penetration in global lenders market.
Depository Network will provide a secure decentralized crypto asset collateral system on which can build hundreds of collateral depository platforms. This way, every owner of digital assets, holding coins or tokens supported by Depository Network, can pledge his assets as a collateral and receive a loan from a number of lending institutions. On the other hand, any lender, all over the world, will be able to build its own depository on Depository Network and start accepting digital assets as collateral.

Thus, every lender will keep the collateral assets in the separate independent depository.

All lenders define own terms for accepting, control and release of the collateral.

Loans will be provided independently from the Depository platform, in any currency supported by the respective lender.
To ensure the full security of our platform we use cryptographically secure multi-signature wallets to store the assets, and smart contracts to execute the transactions.

The borrower (owner of the assets) is always one of the key-holders whose signature is required to perform a transaction. Keys are kept also by the lender and DEPO so that none of the parties can act on its own discretion. Three, four or five multi-signature wallets will be used depending on the amount of collateral.
There will be two types of collateral smart contracts:

1. DEPO Smart Contract - with no middleman. It will be fully integrated with the lender’s API and will be triggered by an event such as a payment, missed payment, contract termination, etc. It will be created for assets issued on platforms such as Etherium, EOS, Cardano, Qtum, Lisk, Aeturnity and others containing smart contracts.

2. DEPO Escrow Contract - Locked with minimum three signatures - one for a borrower, one for the lender, one for DEPO. DEPO collateral contracts will be used for digital assets (coins and tokens) without smart contract support.

The current pledge registers are strictly centralized state structures maintained separately by each country. Depository Network will overtake these functions from the state and provide them to the businesses. This will greatly boost the cross-border nature of the credit economy.

Blockchain Depository Platforms Provider

Depository Network is a B2B project combining the traditional financial system with the blockchain technology. We build a secure infrastructure for lenders to accept blockchain assets as a guarantee for loans.
  • Improve the liquidity of 100 million crypto holders.
  • Allow all lenders worldwide to enter into the crypto world.
  • Support many cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Next Generation Platform To Deposit Crypto As Guarantee
Depository Network enables all lenders to accept crypto as a guarantee without changing the lending process. We provide the missing technological layer to the lenders as banks, credit institutions, and p2p lending platforms.
“A huge potential market to disrupt” according to ICOindex review.

Token Demand
DEPO tokens will be used from lenders to pay annual fee for setup and using white label depository platform and borrowers to pay fee for storing collateral. Spreading depository platforms among lenders and borrowers will increase DEPO tokens demand.

Target User

Problem Solved by Depository Network

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