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Selasa, 22 Mei 2018

Caratz - Bridging Crypto & Social Media | Working Product


What is Caratz🥕

Caratz is the first transaction proxy & cryptocurrency exchange to enable cross-platform token transfers directly through social media.
A few of the supported/to be supported platforms include Telegram, Twitch, Discord, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Wechat.
With seamless decentralized exchange (DEX) integration, the Caratz platform can also be used to trade cryptocurrency pairs.
Boasting a number of features including fully integrated escrow functionalities and platform support for over 20 languages, Caratz takes accessibility seriously.
Caratz has a simple, digestible user interface that allow users to adopt cryptocurrency without technical blockchain knowledge.


• Platform support for over 20 languages
• Online marketplace creation and hosting
• Complete decentralized exchange (DEX) integration
• Crowdsourced catalogs powered by token allocation
• Community-driven voting for future platform development
• Cross-platform interaction across various social media platforms
• Free in-house transactions faster than traditional ERC-20 ones
• Traditional escrow transactions along with 1-to-many escrow hosting in public forums

Platform Preview

Alpha Platform Showcase

Caratz Token (CRTZ)

The Caratz token (CRTZ) will be utilized to interact with a number of features within the Caratz ecosystem.
This is run natively on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token:

• Expend Caratz to apply for listing on the ranked whitelist registry
• Vote on listings, reserve and subscribe Caratz funds to boost ranking
• Caratz-powered community polls to prioritize future platform updates
• A minimum Caratz balance is required to enable contract and escrow functionalities, as well as hosting giveaways, lotteries, and pooling requests

Token Sale and Distribution

125MM Caratz tokens have been created in total.**
25MM will be locked until 2019 for developers, with 5MM reserved for operational costs and promoters.
During the Private Sale, the initial 20MM will be sold to private investors and strategic partners.
Another 25MM will be sold in the Pre-Token Sale, during which the referral program will be launched.
During the Pre-Token Sale, distribution of 25MM airdropped tokens to Caratz account holders will begin.
The final 25MM tokens will be sold in the Token Sale, during which users will be able to trade Caratz tokens.

**Any tokens not purchased during the Token Sale will be directly sold OTC through the Caratz platform at 2x the Token Sale price.

Visit our website -
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Read our whitepaper -
To participate in private sale, contact us at -
To enquire about token support, contact us at -

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