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Rabu, 02 Mei 2018

Black Insurance - digital insurance company on the blockchain

Black will use the blockchain to transfer risk directly from clients (insureds) to financial backers (Black Syndicate Token holders): minimizing all inefficiencies storing all data securely in blockchains transparent  business operations using smart contracts faster innovation by platform members

Black Insurance will use two types of tokens:
Black Platform Token (BLCK). BLCK powers the infrastructure, providing access to the platform and for conducting voting on system updates to the platform (utility token). All platform users will use BLCK for managing insurance on the Black platform, and demand for BLCK will increase as more insurance business is conducted on the platform.
Black Syndicate Tokens (BST) (issued when the platform is ready). BST is an investment in insurance capital, and a specific BST is created for each syndicate (security token), The profitability of the insurance portfolio for a specific syndicate will pass-through to the holders of it’s BST.

The Black Insurance is a B2B platform.

It is built for insurance industry participants,including brokers, MGAs, insurers and investors.It connects insurance entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to the capital
they seek. All policies are written on blockchain, greatly reducing transaction costs and giving everyone an equal playing field for conducting business.
The Black platform creates a blockchain ecosystem for all parties that will bring transparency, democracy and efficiency to the insurance industry.

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The team consists of insurance industry veterans and blockchain experts. It is a great mix of inside knowledge of the insurance industry, expertise on blockchain technology and the crypto space. Founders have over 18 years of experience in insurance software and saw the pressing need for a solution that would democratize the field through technology

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