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Jumat, 27 April 2018

TOKPIE - P2P Cryptocurrency Fiat and Swap Exchange Zero fees






TOKPIE is not just another P2P exchange, where people simply place and match with peers’ advertisements, or an online broker service. It's something entirely new.

On our platform, people and companies can trade and swap crypto and fiat through live auctions!

Each auction, or instrument, is a unique combination of these factors:
- Country
- Base cryptocurrency
- Quote currency
- Payment method
For example, {USA - BTC/USD - Bank of America}

The concept of encapsulating country, base/quote currency, and payment method into a unique tradable instrument allows us to provide the following basic features, all already tested in MVP (90% ready):

1) Order placement
People can trade instruments with each other directly in non-stop, simultaneous two-sided auctions having order books with 10 level market depth.

2) Charting tool
Traders can analyze trends by applying easily accessible technical analysis tools.


3) Spread analysis

Traders with funds in different countries or on different accounts (PayPal, banks, etc.) can instantly discover where to buy and resell with the highest profit margin.

4) Top 10 movers
Users can reveal up to ten instruments where prices have increased or decreased at a higher percentage rate than anywhere else in a preset time period.

5) Top 10 markets
Traders can detect most profitable quotes via real-time lists of quotes, sorted by price descending (for sellers) or ascending (for buyers) order.

6) Watchlist
Users constantly stay up to date on the latest bids, asks, the last matched price, and percentage of change for the selected instruments.

7) Price Alerts
Traders can catch the most favorable conditions for the best deals.

With TOPKIE, traders get a platform that offers:
- the pros of centralized exchanges (Bitfinex, Kraken, CEX, etc.), including ability to trade in order books, analyzing market depth, receiving price alerts, etc. and,
- the pros of P2P exchanges, where users only pay for the fiat money transfer to a counterparty, bypassing intermediaries and the risks of centralized exchanges.

Plus, TOKPIE offers its users unlimited scalability options, allowing to trade any crypto asset or its derivative in P2P, B2B, dark pool order books mode, receive and make loans, benefit from our infrastructure for 3rd party token sales, and many other applications.


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