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Rabu, 04 April 2018

Smart Containers - SMARC ICO Scaling a Running Logistics Business

Smart Containers combines cutting edge container technology and IoT sensors integrated into a logistics ecosystem. All on the blockchain. We are preparing an ICO.

»»»»»» Fully running business applications ««««««
»»»»»» Nr. 4 in the field after only 5 years ««««««
»»»»»» Scaling of existing business by ICO ««««««

Smart Containers Group is a Swiss high-tech container provider aiming to create the first fully autonomous container based on blockchain technology, consequently disrupting the logistic industry.

Blockchain-based software and an IoT infrastructure is the core of Smart Containers Group strong technological ground, enabling to track and monitor each container around the world and making Smart Containers Group the largest provider of IoT airfreight containers on the market.

The combination of hardware, software and service enables Smart Containers Group to assertively position its division company SkyCell among the top four providers of pharma containers in the industry.
Through the FoodGuardians division, the next generation of reusable containers and boxes to transport temperature sensitive food products will be offered regionally and globally, preserving the product’s freshness and traceability.
Using blockchain as transformative technology in logistics, Smart Containers Group is driven by the opportunity to create the LOGI CHAIN, a fully integrated, seamless logistic ecosystem that will be accessible to all industry players at minimal cost. Therefore, Smart Containers Group will lead the way towards a more efficient, client-centric and cost-effective industry standard.


The SMARC token (SMARC) is a profit share token: 20% of future dividends and exit profits will be paid out to token holders. It is upon the Board of Directors of Smart Containers Group to make a proposal on how much dividends will be attributed year by year. Subsequently the General Assembly of Smart Containers Group approves or rejects the dividend plan. A payment equivalent to 20% of this amount is converted to Ether and sent to the SMARC token smart contract. The SMARC token smart contract evaluates the current holdings and dis- tributes the profits to the token holders in Ether. 

In the event of an exit of one of the sub divisions, the same process as described above applies. The maximum total supply is 150 M tokens. 120 M tokens (80%) are offered in the initial coin offering, while the rest is used to cover the ICO costs and align interest of the Smart Containers Management. The hard cap for the ICO is USD 36 M. The price per token is fixed at USD 0.432. 


Token pre-sale is private and will be conducted on invitation only. The pre-sale starts in April and comes with a 25% discount. The number of tokens sold at 25% discount is hard capped at 49.3 M tokens (=41%), raising USD 16 M. 

Public Sale

The public token sale starts in May. 12.8 M tokens are sold during the public sale, raising USD 5 M. The first tier is sold with a discount of 15%. The second tier is discounted by 10% and the third tier comes at a discount of 5%. 
Oversubscriptions of a bonus tier get allocated to the following tier. The estimated current bonus tier is visible on the website ( The displayed amount may change due to changing exchange rates and is therefore indicative. Final bonus tier and token allocation is done post transaction. Oversubscriptions of the whole ICO are returned to the investors after the closing of the sale. 

Private Sale

The rest of the SMARC tokens are offered in a private sale to institutional investors. 


Past Achievements

Start R&D on ground breaking insulation technology

Founding of Smart Containers Group and first division SkyCell
Intro 770C (container)

Intro 1500C (container)

Key Partner Emirates

Intro 2500C (container)
Key partner Cargolux 
Founding FoodGuardians

Future Milestones

Partnership with 1 further airline 
Intro SkyCell ONE (container)
Lead customer for FoodGuardians

Scaling production FoodGuardians 
Add 2-3 customers FoodGuardians
SkyCell to offer largest B2B container fleet worldwide
Automatic payments of containers through smart contracts


Executive Team

Richard Ettl, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Nico Ros, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Andreas Ernst, Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Taroni, Head of IT

Carla Bünger, CMO & Business Development Manager


Strategic advisor:
Oliver Bussmann, is CEO and Founder of Bussmann Advisory, former CIO of UBS and SAP as well as the President of the Crypto Valley Association.

Strategic advisor:
Marc Bettinger aka Altcoindad (ex owner of "Der Altcoinspekulant"), Altcoin and Blockchain specialist and investor, Co-Host Altcoin Meetup Switzerland (Bitcoin Association Switzerland).

Technology partner:
Lykke Corp. our highly trustworthy expert in smart contract programming and ICO execution.

Legal advisor:
Gabriela Hauser-Spuehler was part of the team of MME, the well-known law firm in the crypto space.

Communication advisor:
David Wachsman and Emma Walker from Wachsman PR, the crypto community’s most experienced PR agency.

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