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Minggu, 08 April 2018

MyShield - Decentralized Anti-Scam Platform


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What is MyShield?

MyShield is an innovative decentralized anti-scam platform.

MyShield will alert users whenever they reach a fraudulent website, an online counterfeit sale, and other types of online scams.
based on two sources of intelligence – reports on potential scam by users of MyShield shared with the community, and providers of AI Powered Cyber -IntelligenceMyShield is aiming to bring trust to the e-commerce and online market.

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 The Eco System -----------------------------

The MyShield platform will bring together different stakeholders into one ecosystem – these stakeholders include users, companies, AI-powered cyber intelligence providers, guarantee providers and enforcement services providers. The MyShield platform will leverage the robust technology of BrandShield, for monitoring the Internet and analysing the potential risk of different online threats. BrandShield's technology is currently being used by top global brands to protect them from online scams. BrandShield will be the first, of potentially many, providers of AI Powered Cyber Intelligence

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Token Economy --------------------------------

MyShield™ users are incentivized by a crypto-currency model to earn bounties in MyShield tokens, a token of trust.

The MyShield™ platform synergizes stakeholders under one ecosystem, providing confidence for everyone.

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Problem & Solution -----------------------------

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Milestones ----------------------------------

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Meet our Team ---------------------------------

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Token Allocation -------------------------------

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Token Sale Details ------------------------------


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