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Welcome to Howdoo – a decentralized messaging and social media platform for today’s generation.

What is it?

Howdoo let’s you do all the things you love to do with social media and messaging – sharing, caring, and staying up to date – but without losing control of your digital footprint or the amount of advertising if any you receive. It’s about putting the power back into the hands of users, and enabling them to earn, transact, and be rewarded for their contributions. 

Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Howdoo will transform the social media experiences of four core audiences:
  • Users
  • Content Creators
  • Sellers
  • Advertisers

View the whitepaper                                
View the introductory video                    

We encourage the community to evaluate our offering, to ask questions, and to provide feedback – all of which will help shape the future evolution of the Howdoo platform.

Howdoo: Why should people care?

Social media and messaging platforms clearly need a new direction to head in. A direction that takes them away from the established players who use their platforms and the volumes of personal data they hold on each user to generate huge fortunes – and to exert increasing editorial control over what people can see, earn, and do.

That’s why Howdoo is a stand out proposition because it represents not just a new platform, but also a new approach – the next logical evolution of online social engagement. It’s designed to put the user at the very center of the experience. Where they will be able to shape their environment, to decide for themselves if they want to accept advertising, and for those that do to be rewarded for their attention. 

This is also a platform for content creators, for people who want to earn a larger percentage of the revenues generated by their activities – and to do so without the fear of editorial scrutiny and potential exclusion. And it’s a platform for both sellers and brands, with the latter able to engage with people actually prepared to listen, and to maintain a clear view of how relevant their advertising is and where it’s being seen.

Incentivizing value across the network

Additionally, Howdoo will enable this flow of value across the platform by attaching a cryptotoken – the µDoo – to it. Implemented on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the µDoo will facilitate the sharing of incentives, commerce, and advertising rebates throughout the network. It will also offer a cheaper, easier, and more convenient way to transfer value both nationally and internationally through a teller network that itself will be incentivized to deliver a competitive and quality service.

The Howdoo offering

For today’s generation of social media users:
A network for sharing and messaging
The ability to control their experience and environment
Incentivized rewards for active participation

For content creators:
Earn a minimum 60% of the advertising rebate generated
Complete confidence in audience figures and statistics
Work free from any centralized editorial control

For sellers and advertisers:

Access to audiences that are prepared to engage
Insights into where and when their advertising is appearing
Active feedback to help improve future activities

For payments:
A cryptotoken to help share value across the network
Immediate ability to convert tokens into fiat currency
International teller network for converting value for unbanked customers

More detailed information on the Howdoo approach can be found on our Website, and in the Whitepaper.

Team and advisors
View the Team

The team behind Howdoo is vastly experienced in taking large, complex technology projects to market – and ensuring they’re delivered on time. 

We also enjoy the support of a very strong line up of advisors, who bring with them a wide range of industry and subject matter expertise.




We would love to hear the thoughts and feedback of the community, and encourage all and any feedback!

Team Howdoo

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