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Minggu, 29 April 2018

CRYPTFUNDER - Decentralized Funding for Startup ICOs


 Cryptfunder Products

Cryptfunder ICOStarter
 - Cryptfunder will accept applications from startup ICO and other blockchain companies regardless of stage for funding. We will then filter out and then distill again the best of the best applications for funding in order to find the most innovative, trustworthy and disruptive companies possible. These cryptocurrency candidates will then be funded after negotiation for their future tokens. Tokens will be granted to Cryptfunder under a custom smart contract from when their ICO launches. We then fund the required and negotiated amount and under predetermined milestones to the ICO or blockchain co. We will be primarily holders of these tokens and amass these choice holdings within the Cryptfunder brand as a benefit to CF and its token holders.


Cryptfunder CF30 - A portfolio will be maintained consisting of 30 tokens ranging from top-cap, mid-cap and low-cap token offerings. This portfolio of also a primary hold of assets for long term growth. It will of course be re-balanced from time to time as needed and per changing requirements, cryptocurrency company fundamentals and other market factors. This portfolio will be initially purchased post-ICO and the performance monitored, tracked and displayed in the open for the public to see. Positions, performance of the individual token holdings as well as the overall performance will be graphically displayed. The CF30 portfolio will be professional manged via investment manager hired in the post-ICO timeframe. Factors such as front-loading and other issues confronted when building, re-balancing and purchases will be taken into account and mitigated.

  ICO Information

     ∟ Official Website & ICO Launch: Cryptfunder Website
     ∟ Official Bounty Thread: Cryptfunder Bounty
        ■ ICO Launches: May 25th, 2018 9pm UTC
        ■ ICO Duration: 45 days, Ending July 8th, 2018 9pm UTC
        ■ Bonuses: 1 round and 4 bonus stages
        ■ Softcap: $2M
        ■ Hardcap: $40M or Max Tokens Sold
        ■ Token Total Supply: 40,000,000
        ■ Token ICO Supply: 20,000,000
        ■ Token Symbol: CFND
        ■ Token Value: Pegged to Ethereum, 0.003 Eth per token (ie: 1 token=.003 eth)
        ■ Equivalent Value: 1 Ethereum = 333.33 tokens (without bonuses)
        ■ Token Purchase: Ethereum (eth) / Bitcoin (btc)

Bonus Stages

                   ≡ Bonus Stage 1: May 25 - May 29,  Receive 15% Extra Tokens
            ≡ Bonus Stage 2: May 30 - June 3,  Receive 10% Extra Tokens
            ≡ Bonus Stage 3: June 4 - June 8,  Receive 5% Extra Tokens
            ≡ Bonus Stage 4: June 9 - June 13,  Receive 2% Extra Tokens
            ≡ Stage 5: June 14 - July 8,  Standard Round of Tokens

    Cryptfunder Application Module

Cryptfunder will receive applications online from companies wishing to receive crypto funding for their ICO or blockchain company. This 'Online Application Module' will be created in Phase II of the build and completed prior to ICO conclusion. Features of the application module will include:

     ■ Minimum gatekeeper fee to initiate the application
     ■ Secure access, edits, uploads and submission
     ■ 100% online application process, entry and submission
     ■ Save your work and return functionality
     ■ Multi-part application with save completion bar
     ■ Secure document upload and view, edit and delete functionality

After the receipt of applications, the Cryptfunder team will distill applicants to the best candidates for funding. It is projected to have many application submissions even in the first month of operation post-ICO. The goal is to distill these applications to only 3-5 fundings per month and at this level, we are projecting amassing tokens from many potentially profitable projects  and companies.

   ICO Funds Allocation

   Token Allocation

Equivalent of 3,000 ETHEREUM Up for Grabs!
CRYPTFUNDER is launching the Official Bounty Program to reward its supporters totaling 2.5% of the total tokens - 1,000,000 CFND tokens (1 CFND=0.003 Eth) worth the equivalent of 3,000 ETH will be given to participants of the bounty program. Get Your Share. The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.


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