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Sabtu, 21 April 2018

BAAPPAY - The Evolution of the Payment Platform is Here

BaapPay is a multi-layered platform that integrates both fiat and cryptocurrency payment services for merchants, that will confirm and guarantee all payments in seconds.


BaapPay is a multi-layered platform which features a payment gateway, point of sale system and software, and our very own BaapWorld app store which we will elaborate on later in this document. We believe that as cryptocurrency adoption further penetrates businesses and the lives of consumers, there will be a point where; buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency will be a part of everyday living. The payment platform is built to work with existing credit card infrastructure; including credit/debit cards and will employ payment processing protocols and flows for cryptocurrency similar to traditional electronic payment systems. This approach should enable easier and faster adoption of cryptocurrency as a mainstream payment platform, which in turn gives the merchants a higher level of convenience to accept any method of payment that is presented to them by the customer.


Payment Gateway
Our payment gateway is a PayPal like interface that allows merchants to collect fiat or cryptocurrency payment for their goods and services. It also accepts traditional debit or credit card payments for Brick and mortar and online e-commerce

Web Based POS
Merchants will also have access to our web-based point of sale system that comes free with our payment gateway. The POS will allow merchants to integrate both fiat and crypto into to sales accounting, inventory, loyalty tools and enable them to track employees, use multi locations and more much.

BaapWorld App Store
Our Android-based BaapWorld app store. Devs would be able to download our simple SDK to create apps utilizing our devices functionalities and consumer would get access to their favorite Android apps.

Liquidity Pool

Instead of waiting for each transaction to be confirmed by the blockchain,our smart contract allows the customer transactions to be funded through a liquidity pool.This protocol removes the need for each payment to be individually written to the blockchain,thus makes point of sale purchases instant.

Payment gateway

Payment Gateway: Our payment gateway will allow merchants to collect both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

Crypto to Fiat : In our platform we give, both Buyers and Seller, the ability to convert their from cryptocurrency to fiat, or vice versa.

Online payments system : Similar to PayPal, BaapPay would support online money transfers and serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. However, unlike PayPal BaapPay would incorporate cryptocurrency.

Virtual Terminal : BaapPay will operate as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users for selling good and service.

Merchant : Merchant will have access to both traditional payments, ie debit & credit card and cryptocurrency under one merchant-provider account.


BaapPay will carry the major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH and our own BAAP Tokens. BaapPay will always be evaluating which cryptocurrencies should be added to our platform, and we will listen to the feedback from both consumers and merchants regarding the cryptocurrencies that are most popularly asked for which we may not have listed at that time.
Peer-to- Peer Transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Pay for online purchases using your credit/debit cards or cryptocurrencies

  • Merchant has a choice to either automatically convert the cryptocurrency into fiat or keep the cryptocurrencies, which they can either convert later-on or spend as cryptocurrency.

Buyer and Seller features

  • Buyer-sellers: BaapPay will connect Credit, Debit card, different cryptocurrencies and Bank Accounts
    into one interface thus allowing the account holder to transfer money through to a single account.
  • Sellers can add a BaapPay purchase/order button on their websites, and blogs within minutes.

Payment Gateway Deployment Process

Our payment gateway can be deployed on th any of the devices which includes Smart Terminal, Payment Terminal, Android Devices & e-commerce.The payment data enters the system via the POI device and then makes its way through processing as shown in the image. Our Cloud server decides payment processing host based on the customer’s input.

  • Fiat Payment will be sent to the Fiat Payment processing host.
  • Cryptocurrency Payment will be sent to the Cryptocurrency Exchange processing host.

POS System

Merchants will also have access to our fully integrated Point-of-Sale software, which could be accessed from a web browser, mobile or our smart terminal. This POS system is a fully integrated business management software.The most advance features in our POS system is that: it can account for sales, inventory, track employees,use multi-locations, loyalty tools,however, more importantly, it can accept fiat and cryptocurrency while integrating cryptocurrency transaction. Lastly,since Baap POS is a cloud based software, all transactions can be viewed real-time using any device within the POS system .

App word

Want to develop your own app with BaapPay technology? BaapWorld is an App store that runs on Android, giving developers the ability to download our simple SDK to create apps and utilizes our devices functionalities. It also allows Merchants to have access to their favorite Android apps.


Our platform also offers Merchants the scalability option to either use our POS software or our competitor’s POS software that is available in our App store.


GPS, Bluetooth, barcode scanner, built-in speakers, microphone, thermal printer, 6000mAh lithium battery, camera, QR code scanner and wifi-4G capabilities. This device accepts NFC, chip, swipe payment and is EMV & PCI certified. Giving it the ability to accept both Cryptocurrency and fiat payments.

Turing your desketop and mobile phone into a payment terminal, the MPOS is PCI PTS 4.0, EMV L1 & L2 certified, MPOS keeps the sensitive transaction and personal data safe from the unyielding attempts of scams and frauds. In addition to accepting cryptocurrency, this device has the ability to accept Android Pay, Apple Pay Samsung Pay.

Baap Wallet

Baap wallet
This wallet runs on the cloud and is accessible from any computing device in any location. This wallet will allow you to convert to fiat and vice versa

Customer private key wallet
In this wallet, only the customer would have access to the private keys. The wallet would be download downloaded and installed on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone.. They are only accessible from the device that they are downloaded on. This wallet could be paired with other devices, using the same private key.

Token sale

Price 1 eth= 4200 BAPP

March 1 -   March   20%    = 5040 BAAP

March 27- April 5,   15%   = 4830 BAAP
April 5-     April 15, 10%   = 4620 BAAP
April 15-   April 25   5%    = 4410 BAAP
April 25-   April 30            = 4200 BAAP

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