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Senin, 05 Maret 2018

Xmoneta - 1st All in One App for Social & Business Communication

Xmoneta is the world’s first decentralized encrypted messenger for social and business commmunication.

Ethereum-based application allows you to:

* Communicate with your friends,
* Buy goods and book services,
* Hold your money on secure wallet,
* Trade at our market platform,
* Organize your own business.

And that's not the limit of Xmoneta possibilities!

Join The New World With Us!

Our goal is to bring dreams into reality. The main concept of Xmoneta is completely mobile lifestyle, free from any borders. We are the witnesses of the birth of the one new global community, replacing traditional financial and social institutes. We don’t want to be silent observers - we want to be creators. We want to spur the further development. 

Revolution must go on!

Our goal is to create a user-friendly, comfortable and secure all in one platform for communication, earning, trading, advertising, and buying.We are those, who do the new step in Blockchain era, building the world’s first messenger bank for the cryptocurrency, as well as for traditional money.Our mission is to make both fiat and cryptocurrencies easy accessible for the vast majority of people, as well as create the multiple international connections all over the world.

Our mission 

Tired from the old-fashioned trends, promoted by banks and global corporations, we decided to choose another path. Path of the Future, free of the mass surveillance, control over your thoughts, finances, and life.Our goal is to create universal and completely secure messenger. The new application will be based on Blockchain technology and will give users opportunity to chat, send messages, make the orders, buy goods, trade with people and hold his or her money. Everything within only one app. That’s how Xmoneta was born. 

With Xmoneta it is possible to talk with friends, buy different stuff in the e-shops, listen music, read books, order food, taxi and so on.  What is more important, you can use your messenger as the wallet for multiple types of currency. Don’t need to waste your device memory by downloading multiple apps for different purposes. Don’t need any more to waste your time to use different sources and wallets to transfer and exchange different type of currency

About the Ecosystem 

Xmoneta Token(XMN) is a decentralized cryptocurrency for any kind of transactions between the members of the community. Issued tokens are associated with supported by messenger VISA/Master Card, so users can pay with cryptocurrency using virtual and plastic cards. Conversion course will be pegged to the middle rate, used on exchanges trading. The token owners will be able to buy using XMN without the cashing out.

XMN is only internal currency, used within the Xmoneta ecosystem, and tokens’ amount is limited 1 billion XMN. Due to this limitation, the customer gets big discounts, great bonuses from our partners, excellent technical support, and free plans.
The more XMN is used within the ecosystem, the less will be a number of tokens in exchange. What does it mean? It means that cost of currency will increase! 

There are several factors, influencing on the token’s value. The first factor is the supply and demand on the cryptocurrency exchange. The second one is the popularity of the project. The more people will join us, the higher cost of XMN will be. Since the beginning, there will be exactly 1 000000000 tokens in circulation and no more.

Token Distribution 


Xmoneta (XMN) Utility Token 

XMN is a utility token that drives the ecosystem. Therefore, as a utility token, the XMN is needed to sustain the platform and make it easier for its users. XMN is introduced as a form of decentralized cryptocurrency, which holds the value given by its users and natural laws of the markets. It is utilized as a means of interaction and transaction between the various in-platform activities, services, functions, and users from all around the world. 

Token Holder Bonus 

If the token holder hasn’t withdrawn his tokens for one year, he/she will receive a + 10 % bonus from the total amount of the kept tokens.  


Get free Xmoneta card! 

Xmoneta's very own cryptocurrency spending card brings cryptocurrencies to offline use. First 500 cards are given to first 500 token sale contributors of at least 20 ETH 


Our Team


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