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TrustedHealth - Specialized Medicine on Blockchain

TrustedHealth - A decentralised ecosystem in specialised medicine engineered on blockchain.


Crowd SALE date: 27th March 
Current status: Whitelisting for Presale with a 30% bonus!
Min. Investment (until Crowdsale): 1ETH
Total tokens minted: 300M
Price per token on CS: 0.00006 ETH


Firstly, specialised medicine is expanding rapidly and is getting more and more vital for the well being of patients globally - especially with the annual increase of cancer diagnosed patients. Cancer and other life-threatening diseases have become a global problem and we still rely on local and outdated solutions. We believe the best treatment for the patient’s disease might not always be in the nearest hospital. There has to be a better way, based on the best knowledge out there.

Secondly, we know the space of specialized medicine very well since we began our journey with Trustedoctor in 2016. Since then Trustedoctor (LINK) has helped over 300 cancer patients from more than 25 countries, by linking them to the world’s leading doctor specialists and offering them a priceless second opinion leading in some cases to treatment and life-changing experiences (Read the story of Maike, one of the Trustedoctor patient here: LINK[/size])

Third reason, the current specialised medicine system is fundamentally broken. We can do better.[/size]


Despite huge amounts of money and resources spent in specialised medicine each year, the current system is broken. Here are some of the problems we have identified together with leading doctors, hospitals and patient initiatives.

1. The right medical expersite is not in one place.
2. High misdiagnosis with around 20% of patients around the world with up to 45% relating to cancer.
3. There is a lack of collaboration and transfer of knowledge between medical practitioners globally.
4. Limited access to population health data
5. Inconsistent rules and permissions for accessing patient data
6. Varying data standards
7. Fraud and non-transparency (“Healthcare fraud is estimated to have cost around $US30 billion over the past 20 years in the United States alone”)


FIRST STEP: TrustedDoctor - A working platform with a track record of saving human lives ([/center]

Trustedoctor - Your direct link to world’s leading doctor specialists - is the first TrustedHealth ecosystem partner. Trustedoctor gives patients a choice and a direct link to world’s leading doctor specialists to match their specific needs with doctors’ corresponding specialty and enables interactive consultation on a virtual platform, in the interest of time and travel. In just the fields of brain and lung cancer, we have already helped more than 200 patients from 25 countries, empowering them with access to the right specialists without worrying about the barriers of geography, time and finances.

TrustedDoctor track record since 2016:

200+ Cancer patients linked to the best possible treatment
25+ Countries
85+ specialised and recognized doctors and specialists
30+ Patients organizations and hospitals joined the network


Harvard New Venture competition February 2017 - Finalist


SECOND STEP: TrustedHealth (

TrustedHealth is a patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialised medicine engineered on blockchain. Along with Trustedoctor, TrustedHealth is an ecosystem that goes beyond just patient care, using technology and community to find cures, share information, analyse illnesses and save lives.

With implementation of blockchain technology and issuance of the Health Token (TDH), TrustedHealth will be able to build a holistic network of healthcare services in specialised medicine and focus on finding the best methodologies to deliver better health outcome for patients in life-threatening diseases from anywhere in the world.


Benefit  1  -  Better  security  of  medical  data.
Thanks to a peer-to-peer decentralised storage system holding shredded and encrypted data on dispersed servers connected with Ethereum blockchain.
● Make it more reliable, not all eggs in one basket
● Diminishes the privacy breaches by one single entity (who holds the data)
● Your encrypted files are spread across multiple nodes or hosts
● No single host holds any significant piece
● Decentralised distributed storage network
● Improves speed, reliability and availability
● All transactions are audited
● Tracked by smart contacts (no abuse of privacy), transparency assured​· everything is time-stamped, delivering secure integrity of data
● Reduce the storage costs – far more affordable for hospitals
● Decentralised cloud is on average 10x less expensive than current cloud storage providers. Storing 1TB on SIA costs US$2 per month, compared with US$23 on Amazon S3

Benefit 2 – Data storage customisation thanks to blockchain overlay ​which allows for the easy adjustment of the storage to relevant national regulatory requirements. It also allows for ease of participation and the use of smart contracts to know where the data is stored and by whom.Geolocation of stored data is managed and defined in the algorithm which follows the regulatory rules of each network participant based on the country of origin and type of data. 

Benefit 3 - Increased interoperability of patient data records ​between systems allowing for easy data sharing and common research. 
29 Medical records and patient  information are crucial to the healthcare system around  the world.   Healthcare organisations, such as hospitals and insurance companies, need to share patient information to conduct their business. Medical records, however, present many challenges to the healthcare system. ​Current healthcare record systems are a mess of disconnected databases and medical history is fragmented and siloed, preventing doctors and patients from building a complete record of health. Records are often spread across different facilities and providers in incompatible databases. The vast majority of hospital systems still cannot easily or safely share their data. One  of the most pressing problems with the current system  is  knowing whether the  information that has been shared  is accurate ​and that it has not been tampered with.  Interoperability issues continue to be a chief concern throughout the health industry. The lack of interoperability leads to high costs, it also makes these systems loaded with private patient information very vulnerable to security breaches or fraud or other cybercrime related activities.

Benefit 4​ – ​Control of the data by patients and doctors.

In the blockchain environment, patients are able to maintain full access and control of their own data, providing access to the healthcare providers they’d like to share it with.
This enables hospitals, insurance companies and labs to connect in real-time and share information instantly and seamlessly, in a secure way. This is ideal for medical research, 30 facilitating the kind of longitudinal studies that can really help best understand illnesses. Since data stored on blockchains can be shared securely with a pre-approved and trusted group of individuals, patients are assured that their data is being used properly and that there is complete transparency, accuracy and trust in the information across all of its users.

Benefit 5 - Smart contracts will allow for rewarding of the data uploader and storage  provider.
Our goal is to create a health ecosystem which truly belongs to the proper stakeholders: patients and doctors. The blockchain implies a decentralised control mechanism in which all have an interest, but that no one exclusively owns. This is an architectural change that generalises past medical records and allows us to create an ecosystem beneficial for all participants. On one side, participants can, in exchange for rewards, provide their extra hard drive space for processing. On the other hand, participants providing relevant medical data are rewarded for their contributions whenever their data is used in research and by other network members.


PRESALE: March 20th at 12.00 CET

TDH Token Info
Token name: ​TDH
Total tokens minted: ​300M TDH
Soft cap: ​1000ETH - REACHED
Hard cap: ​75000ETH
Tokens on public offering: ​150M TDH
Price of TDH token: ​0.00006 ETH
Blockchain: ​Ethereum (ERC-20)
Currency Accepted: ​ETH
*Unsold tokens will be locked for two years and reserved for community growth.


TDH token is a utility coin, an engagement reward coin and a subsidised payment method for transactions that take place in the TrustedHealth ecosystem. These tokens will grant you access to the best specialised medical care in the world and they are the fuel that’s driving our specialised medical ecosystem that we’re building for your future.

General token utilities are the following:

● Subsidised payment currency
● Engagement reward coin
● Research coin
● Storage coin
● Access coin for providers


The TDH Token supply schedule 

The  crowdsale  contributors: TDH tokens will be distributed immediately upon
contribution confirmation.
Bounties:​ TDH tokens will be distributed 1 month after the completion of the crowdsale.
Company: TDH tokens will be vested over 3 years period with monthly vesting schedule
starting after the TGE initial distribution.
Advisors: TDH tokens will be vested over 1 year period with monthly vesting schedule
starting after the TGE initial distribution.
Team: TDH tokens will be vested over 3 year period with monthly vesting schedule
starting after the TGE initial distribution.


There are 3 simple steps to earn your first 10 TDH tokens!

1. ✅ Join our Telegram channel - HERE
2. 🔗 Follow us on Twitter - HERE
3. REGISTER HERE so we can track your effort and activity

Congratulations, you have just earned your first 10TDH tokens! Grin


1. Go to our Telegram Channel -  HERE
2. Add your friends
3. Earn 10TDH token for EACH friend added.

NOTE: We do have some terms and conditions. If you join the group and then leave after a few days, it won’t count. We want community members who are engaged and who will stay active for at least three months — until the end of the CROWD SALE on April 27th 2018. (scheduled for 27th March 2018 and ending on April 27th).


Earn another 30TDH tokens!

Copy this pre-prepared text below and post it on your personal social media profiles.

Text: “Worth checking out: TrustedHealth - A decentralized ecosystem for specialized medicine engineered on blockchain.

Submitt to ALL 3 platforms:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Linkedin

After you’re done, send us all three publicly available links to your post to bounty@TrustedHealth.ioand we’ll reward you with 30TDH tokens.




If you’re a content creator, are excited about TrustedHealth and have your own large audience, this is for you.

1. Reddit - post on relevant subreddits and discussions to earn up to *50 TDH

2. BitcoinTalk - use us as your Bitcoin Talk Signature to get up to *50 TDH

3. Blogs - write and publish blogs that are relevant to our mission and audience to earn up to *150 TDH

4. News - get us in the news and covered by the media to earn up to *150 TDH

Have other ways and means of helping us spread the word? Get in touch through this email: – we are eager to hear your ideas.

*The total volume of earnings depend on the individual, the post and the reach. We will discuss this directly with the author.

Some general quality guidelines to follow:

Use English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish language

1. Your posts and promotions must be publicly visible and searchable

2. The content must be original – no plagiarism please!

3. Your content must contain the link to our webpage:

4. Include a call to action to encourage people to join our Telegram and Twitter channels

When you’re ready, send your post, article or thread to along with a link and a print screen picture. We will check every submission and we will weed out the fakes.

TEAM AND ADVISORS - Click for more

The TrustedHealth ecosystem is the sweet spot between the medical and the business/blockchain worlds. That is why our growing advisor board consists of top notch professionals from both worlds.


Got a question or suggestion? Come and talk to us!

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