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Senin, 12 Maret 2018

TradePlayz - The World’s Premier Fantasy Cryptocurrency Trading Game


Hello friends!
We are here to officially announce our project – TradePlayz!

So what exactly is TradePlayz? TradePlayz is a gaming platform (coming to iOS 18.12.2017, and to Android 30.12.2017) enabling players to compete with each other in a game of skill, testing their knowledge and ability to predict the winner within the fantasy cryptocurrency world!

TradePlayz is the combination of two industries in one. It is equal parts mobile gaming and mobile trading, collectively. Tradeplayz is a mobile platform for playing «Fantasy Trading and Investment» with real rewards provided by our TPZ token. We believe that the best elements of gaming, excitement and the passion of trading and investments, can be obtained from an honest and fair platform, that is equally thrilling.
With these elements decidedly in mind, we have coupled them with blockchain technology; where all games are held between real people. Thereby, players are creating the unique and thrilling personality, and environment, of our product.
TradePlayz is the world’s premiere platform for fantasy trading and investment that allows you to earn winnings / rewards based in real value, with your own mind, from simply playing the game, learning the markets, teaching yourself through experience and trading actively. In this way, we actively encourage and help our users to enrich their lives mentally, and literally. Raise the stakes!
Games are held through an elimination system and are conducted on the basis of real time quotes within the cryptocurrency markets through the use of blockchain technology. The TradePlayz token, released by the TradePlayz organization, will be the official game currency that sources the entry fees as well as the winnings / rewards.

The TPZ token
The TradePlayz Token — is the core of all transactions made within the TradePlayz playing platform / app. No payment can be conducted without this. The only issue of TradePlayz tokens will occur during the token sale, which in fact is the pre-sale of TradePlayz services. TradePlayz in the future is planning to list its token on all cryptocurrency exchanges to enlarge user base and fulfill user expectations to provide the most comprehensive services.

Name: TradePlayz
Type: ERC20
Ticker symbol: TPZ
Platform: Ethereum
General release: 100,000,000


December 18, 2017 - Application release for iOS
December 30, 2017 - Application release for Android
March 5, 2018 - Integration of the TPZ tokens into the application. Tournaments via subscription
May, 2018 - Multi-table and CIS tournaments
September, 2018 - Desktop and web versions of the application
November, 2018 - Cashplay system, private tournaments

Tokens pre-sale
Start: December 20, 2017
End: December 27, 2017
Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC etc.
Number of tokens for sale: 7,000,000 TPZ
Tokens exchange rate: 1 TPZ = 0.25$

Token Distribution
1% - Bounty program
7% - Close sale
7% - The team
10% - Founders
20% - TradePlayz system
55% - Crowdsale members

Discount during pre-sale: 75%
Goal of funding: $30.000.000
Tokens for sale: 100.000.000
Token price: 1 TPZ = 1 USD
Currencies: BTC, ETH (other currencies after pre-sale)
Platform: Ethereum
Location: London, UK
Project members
Alexander Vinokurov: CEO, Founder -
Nikita Krestyanikov: CTO, Co-founder -
Michael Todd: Corporate Business Development Director -
Leonid Minderov: iOS devloper -
Anton Ignatov: Android developer -
Artem Nurullin: Product manager

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