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Minggu, 25 Maret 2018

ROSCACOIN - Finance for ordinary

Roscacoin ICO will begin on 1st of April.


ROSCA method is a group of individuals who agree to meet together for save and borrow purpose with a defined period. It is a form of combined peer-to-peer banking (P2P) and peer-to-peer lending (P2P).

According to Wikipedia ‘F.J.A. Bouman described ROSCAs as “the poor man’s bank, where money is not idle for long but changes hands rapidly, satisfying both consumption and production needs.” They are also known as tandas (Latin America), partnerhand (West Indies), cundinas (Mexico), ayuuto (Somalia), hagbad (Somaliland), susu (West Africa and the Caribbean), hui (会)(Asia), palawugang (Philippines), Gam’eya (Middle East), kye (계) (South Korea), tanomosiko (頼母子講) (Japan), pandeiros (Brazil), juntas or quiniela (Peru), C.A.R. Țigănesc/Roata (România), and arisan (Indonesia).’

There are more than 1 billion people or 17% adults in developing countries around the world using ROSCA to save/borrow and support each other within their trusted community. Besides, more than 2 billion individuals or 39% of the world’s population don’t have bank account in the world and they might need help for some financial activity like loan. The bank system is contradicted as their purpose is to serve rich people instead of poor people. For people who don’t have bank account, don’t have good pay job and bad credit score, it will be very hard for them to get financial support like bank loan from traditional financial institution. In fact, they are the group of people which need help the most. Besides, the cost for commercial bank loan will be high for this group of people.

The global market size of the ROSCA is estimated more than 500B USD per year. (The calculation taken will be 1%-10% times the GDP of the country benchmark by India) Besides, the P2P lending market is growing rapidly and has a market size of 70B USD per year globally.


The total number of ERC-20 (Ethereum) issued will be limited to 10 billion (10,000,000,000), and not re-issueable:

  • Team - 35%
  • Reserve - 15%
  • Partnership - 15%
  • Token Sale - 15%
  • Community - 10%
  • Foundation - 5%
  • Marketing - 5%


  • 45% of the funding we obtained from RCA tokens will be allocated to our team salary and allowance, as we believe our team members are the main asset in the ROSCAcoin organization.
  • 15% will be allocated to our office expenses and overheads, such as office rental, utilities, furniture and fitting.
  • 15% is to be allocated to our contractors, including legal advisor, outsource bounty service, outsource designer and other outsource services.
  • 10% is to fund our marketing activities, and these expenses include business development and digital marketing.
  • 10% is for other projects such as implemention for ROSCAcoin merchant, Kiosk, and building infrastructures for remote area.
  • 5% of the fund shall form the contingency reserve.


ROSCAcoin (RCA) is cryptocurrency which supported by a self-regulating, autonomous, decentralized, blockchain powered Rotating and Saving Credit Associations (ROSCA) ecosystem platform. With the blockchain technology which encompasses smart contract features, ROSCAcoin able to build a financial solution ecosystem which leverages social capital and trusties to collaborate with better financial options by eliminating higher cost of borrowing, easier financing, better investment options and diversification of risk.


ROSCAcoin Ecosystem is a complete, transparent, free and effective financial solution. This Ecosystem will contain multiple financials solution provide to our users for investment or lending purpose, the financial platforms in ROSCAcoin Ecosystem is as below:

  • Rosca Credit Score

    ROSCA Credit Score (RCS) is our second product. The purpose of building this product is to increase the trustworthiness within the user who participates in the ROSCA lending circle. For instance, user who fulfill the contract often participate in huge quantity of ROSCA lending circle will get the higher credit score, reduce the collateral and increase the limit of investment in ROSCAcoin Ecosystem platforms, while user who is not dedicated to contribute and participate less in ROSCA lending circle will get a low credit score and request higher collateral and limited investment in ROSCAcoin Ecosystem platforms. Besides, the credit score can be shared with third party entity for credit history proof purposes, and it can be viewed by other users for consideration of lending or invest in the particular user.

    By implementing ROSCA credit score we believe that this will bring positive effect within the community which good users will remain, and bad users will be eliminated. In addition, it will also help other users to make decision on their investment and reduce the risk.

  • ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC)

    ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) is our first and primary product. It contains ROSCA methodology and consists of blockchain’s smart contract which automates the saving, borrowing and other ROSCA processes. The ROSCA lending circle presents the contribution amount, funds allocation for bidding process and fund withdrawal of every month. The platform can be conveniently operated and managed via its website and mobile devices. Due to the product’s networking nature, user can create or join the ROSCA lending circle within the trusted community and hence can expand the networking web. Besides, we will provide incentives to the users who create the servicing pool that would provide financial services and assistance for the needed person. Moreover, participants can earn interest as well based on the interest they bid. With the adopted technology, we are able to strengthen and enhance the ROSCA method by automating the process, create or improve credit score and eliminating potential risk and fraud. Last but not least, our platform will support stablecoins as they are pegged one to one with fiat currencies which enhance stability and reduce vitality.

  • ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP)

    ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) is our third product. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money without intermediary like conventional finance institute. With peer-to-peer lending, borrowers take loans from individual investors who are willing to lend their own money for an agreed interest rate. The credit score from ROSCA Credit Score (RCS) of a borrower is available to view so the investor able to determine the risk of lending their money out.

  • ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP)

    ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) is our fourth product and it is product to achieve dream. We welcome anyone who wants to achieve their dream and anyone who willing to support others to achieve dream. We enable two types of crowdfunding as in soft crowdfunding (investment pool, etc.) and hard crowdfunding (machines/IoT/physical asset). Anyone can invest a percentage of stakes in the investment pool or machine that will generate revenue and in return, will receive a portion of profit/dividend from it. With this scalable and democratic model, we are able to unlock billions of investment opportunities which previously controlled by centralized institution. The objective is to encourage for more business opportunities and stimulate the young minds to innovate new business models to the digital economy. We believe through this platform, it will widen the market for most business sectors by presenting the opportunities for people to form their own business and achieving financial freedom. The startup process will be managed by smart contract automatically without the
    need for middleman nor intermediaries.

  • ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP)

    ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP) is a program for our community (users who use our platform) that enables members to use ROSCAcoin to trade for goods or services.

  • ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP)

    ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) is our seventh product. The purpose of this platform is to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility and we believe that through the adoption of Blockchain technology, fraud and biasness on the disbursement of charity fund will be governed and channeled to the rightful recipients.

    In every quarter of a year, our team will gather and assess the request from the non-profit organizations, then post the proposed charity program in this platform. ROSCAcoin will lead the initiative to donate contribution to the program. All user is welcomed to contribute into the posted charity program at free will.

    **ROSCAcoin product range will be enhanced along as the business growth.

  • ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD)

    ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) is the sixth product for ROSCA ecosystem. This is a fun and interesting platform for all ROSCAcoin user. This platform is designed to collect 10 RCA at the beginning of every quarter in a year. All collected coins will be kept in a pool. As at the end of each quarter, the platform’s automated system will randomly pick the Winners who had contributed coins in the pool.
    The prizes will be as below:

    Winner   Prize
    First Winner   30% of the total coins in the pool
    Second Winner   20% of the total coins in the pool
    Third Winner   10% of the total coins in the pool
    Consolation Winner (40 users)   1% of the total coins in the pool
    *RLD platform will charge 5% from each Winner as transaction charges

    The automated system is operated via Blockchain and smart contract technology, thereof the withdrawal of lucky Winners within the pool is random and free of manipulative conducts.

  • Foundation - 5%



  • September - Market Research
  • October - Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Whitepaper Documentation


  • March - Pre ICO launch
  • April - ICO launch
  • July - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) Core & Mobile Development
  • August - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) & ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP) MVP Testing, ROSCAcoin listing in token exchange platform
  • October - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) Final Product Development


  • January - ROSCA Credit Score (RCS) Product Development
  • April - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) & ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP) Go Live
  • May - ROSCA Credit Score (RCS) Go Live
  • August - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) Core & Mobile Development
  • October - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP)MVP Testing


  • January - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) Final Product Development
  • April - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) Go Live
  • July - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) Core & Mobile Development
  • August - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) MVP Testing
  • October - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) Final Product Development


  • January - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) Go Live
  • April - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) Core & Mobile Development
  • June - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) MVP Testing
  • October - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) Final Product Development


  • January - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) Go Live
  • March - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) Core & Mobile Development
  • May - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) MVP Testing
  • August - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) Final Product Development
  • November - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) Go Live

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