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OLXA ICO Rating 9.8 
after showing the OLXA Team to our family members with our unique services and crowd-projects to the blockchain community. 

Check the full Initial Coin Offering ICO Report at https://foundico.com/ico/olxa-coin.html

OLXA ICO Round1 is Live
with Special +40% Bonus
ends once 300 Million Coins are sold.

Buy now from here directly:

Website: https://www.OlxaCoin.com
OLXA Team: https://www.OlxaCoin.com/team
Join OLXA on Telegram https://t.me/OlxaCoinFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/OlxaCoins
Twitter: https:// www.twitter.com/OlxaCoin
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.de/olxacoin/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyNNfreOB-qkpPGRMjwV2wA 
Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/103152608516116929201
Tumblr: https://olxacoin.tumblr.com/


OLXA WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mUW1CtE35_KYSR1OTRH_MajzA6DrOv6a/view


Token's name: OLXA Coin
Symbol: OLXA
Standard: ERC20
Platform: ETHEREUM
Total volume: 2,600,000,000 OLXA Coin
PRE-ICO max.volume: 300,000,000 OLXA Coin
Initial value: 0.012 USD
Special ICO Round1 Bounty: +40% Bonus
Payment Processors Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH & DOGE
Soft cap: 1,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD




  After nine years of experience in E-Cash and Cryptocurrencies and seven years of financial researches and project creations through our experienced team, OLXA Group decided to launch OLXA Coins as a decentralized cryptocurrency and cryptoasset Hybrid POW/POS through the Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract with advanced applications and bonuses among the members and token holders in order to become one of the easiest ways to make safe transactions with small businesses or big businesses or even for using OLXA Coins to buy or sell products or services online beside having the opportunity to contribute to Crowd-Projects in different fields such as Electrical Engineering, E-Commerce, Supply Chain and Education Technology.
Learn more about OLXA Team at https://www.OlxaCoin.com/team


OLXA Services

  OLXA Services and Crowd-Projects are considered as the back-bone of OLXA Coins, The main purposes of OLXA Coins Issuance are demonstrating a real life applications with global usage for OLXA users with the opportunity of contributing to  OLXA Projects in different fields.

*Read more about OLXA Services: https://www.olxacoin.com/#services

 OLXA offers innovative and advanced products and services based on the BlockChain Technology. These excellent products and services include but not limited to; Wallets, Visa Card, Exchanges,  Letter Of  Crypto Credit, Crypto E-Shop and OLXA i-Advertising.

1) OLXA Smart Wallets
  As OLXA users, you can send and receive OLXA coins easily from the comfort of your home, relaxation centers, and offices through OLXA Ethereum Wallets on Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and Laptops.

2) OLXA Visa Card
  Secure a Global OLXA Visa card as OXLA Coin Holders to easily convert OLXA Coin into Dollars or Euros. With this, you stand the chance of withdrawing Dollars or Euros from any ATM anywhere in the world. More so, you can purchase goods as regular Visa Card.

3) Global Exchanges
  Another comfort at its peak is the ability to exchange OLXA coins into any other currency like $, £, €, ¥ etc. and into any other cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, BCC, LTC etc. through different Global Exchanges.

4) OLXA Decentralized Letter Of Crypto Credit
  For the 1st time in the cryptocurrency global market, OLXA is proud to take the lead in providing the Letter of Crypto Credit that guarantees payment or purchases between buyers and sellers.

  In OLXA Letter of Crypto Credit, the buyer and seller agree on having OLXA Group as a Third Party guarantees the purchase order by Crypto Credit, the Seller accepts to receive OLXA Coins after shipping the goods to the Buyer. The Buyer approves to send the exact amount of goods before shipping in OLXA Coins to the OLXA Group that holds the balance and send notification to the seller to ship the order. Once the order is received or shipped according to the mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller, OLXA Group will release the OLXA Coins to the Seller.

  This kind of transactions requires a Third-Party responsible for the whole process, starting from the purchase-order till the products delivery, it potentially involves stuff like calling the post office, filing insurance, claiming for lost packages, checking bills of lading, visiting shipping docksides, etc. besides the high fees of the traditional banks to do it. 
This service is considered as a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market that reveals a clear desire of the OLXA Group to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies. 

HOT NEWS Considering the OLXA Innovative Letter of CryptoCredit

The France Economic and Business continuous info TV Channel  "BFMBusiness" during their press meeting on January 30th with Mr Frédéric Oudéa, The CEO of  Société Générale Bank, one of the most successful banks in France, discussing the idea of how "financing of international trade is now archaic, with paper, and operational risks".

Then Mr Ouéda declared that implementing The LETTER OF CREDIT through the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY will provide "INSTANT information and GUARANTEE of well proceed transfers distributed among all users in a MORE SECURE way and LESS COSTLY than today" 

Taking into consideration while this meeting was being recorded for future studies, OLXA GROUP had already launched THE INNOVATIVE LETTER OF CRYPTO CREDIT through the Ethereum Blockchain Technology and OLXA community was celebrating on the same date for INITIATING AND COMPLETING THE 1ST LETTER OF CRYPTOCREDIT TRANSACTION IN THE WORLD. 

Looking at the official OLXA Account on Twitter @OlxaCoin , We can see there the Celebration of this momentum while achieving this revolutionary blockchain success together, demonstrating a wonderful community

OLXA proves to the world its clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.

5) OLXA Crypto E-shop With No Order History
  Another fantastic service (OLXA E-shop) with which OLXA users enjoy the benefit of purchasing varieties of desired products and Services available therein. OLXA Group is so excited to announce the innovative roadmap of manufacturing OLXA special technology products such as Phones, Tablets, Laptops and other captivating products you can think of.

The difference this time between OLXA E-Shop any other E-shop is YOUR PRIVACY

OLXA Crypto E-Shop System automatically removes all Order History and does not use any tracking cookies to follow its customers, which means after you confirm receiving your order the system is set to auto remove this order detail history after 90 days.If you feel this duration is long, you can contact the support immediately after receiving your product to remove the order details at once!

Products and services purchased via the OLXA E-shop are immediately processed, which aids the shipping and delivery of such products and services through the fastest available shipping methods. OLXA E-shop does not waste your time and effort in any way.

6) OLXA I-Advertising

  It is a marketing platform that can facilitate advertisers to reach a mass of people by displaying ads where the members can earn profits from viewing ads, watching ads and taking part in an advertisement using Crypto Currencies through the Decenteralized Blockchain Technology.

  The Crypto i-Advertising automatically calculates and shares the profits among the contributed members with full reports about the profit distribution.

  OLXA Group is once again very excited launch another benefit for all which entails the will to co-operate with partners globally to provide the OLXA Advertising Classified i-Ads with the ability to share profits from the Paid to Click, Paid to See and Paid to Visit.
OLXA users can place sponsored ads and/or participate in profit from the sponsored ads through a logical system that provides security, efficiency, and credibility for advertisers and viewers with no disappointment to any.



  We are proud to have been awarded Class A Certification from the Direct Selling Equity that ensures OLXA Services and Crowd-projects meet the effective management standards.

Read More at: https://www.olxacoin.com/dse-certificate

  Our decision to work towards DSE-Class A accreditation, demonstrates our commitment of providing a valuable coin offering with high-accuracy, limited quantity and stable bonuses to our users and our approaching crowd-projects in electrical engineering, e-commerce, supply-chain and education technology.

  OLXA reveals a clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.


OLXA Rewards for Entrepreneurs!

OLXA Coin has just launched unique Crypto Rewards for the early Entrepreneurs by sharing your OlxaCoin Referral Link with friends.
 Rewards are distributed as follows:
   You get 1 OLXA Coin per each visitor
   You get 1 OLXA Coin per each member
   You get 5% Bonus on your referral purchases!

Read the Full Topic here: https://www.olxacoin.com/referral-rewards

OLXA Coin ICO is the only Cryptocurrency offering such rewards among its fans upon their grateful efforts.


OLXA ICO Details

OLXA ICO occurs in 4 stages, in each stage, you are eligible to buy early OLXA Coins with special bonuses than the next stage. 

   Starts on February 1st, 2018
   Special Bonus +50%
   Minimum investment: $50
   Each $50 = 5,000 OLXA + 50% Bonus = 7,500 OLXA
   Soft Cap: $1,500,000
   Token: OLXA, ERC20 Standard

Round1-ICO:  1 OLXA = $0.012 
   Starts on March 1st, 2018 
   Special Bonus +40%
   Minimum investment: $60
   Each $60 = 5,000 OLXA + 40% Bonus = 7,000 OLXA

Round2-ICO:  1 OLXA = $0.014
   Starts after Round1 
   Special Bonus +30%
   Minimum investment: $70
   Each $70 = 5,000 OLXA + 30% Bonus = 6,500 OLXA

Round3-ICO:  1 OLXA = $0.016
   Starts after Round2
   Special Bonus +20%
   Minimum investment: $16
   Each $80 = 5,000 OLXA + 20% Bonus = 6,000 OLXA

Once you participate in the ICO, you will receive the OLXA Coins with the fantastic bonuses in your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet.
            For more Details, Kindly refer to OLXA Coins ICO https://www.OlxaCoin.com/#ico

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks

OLXA proves its service existence...Even Before The Initial Coin Offering

HOT NEWS 2/28/2018 

OLXA will be listed on Three Exchanges during the #ICO👍
Follow us Today on Telegram: https://t.me/OlxaCoin
OLXA Initial Coin Offering ICO is Live now 
at https://www.OlxaCoin.com/shop  
with special bonuses. Be Ready! 
know more about the ico here https://www.OlxaCoin.com/#ico

OLXA reveals a clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.
Thank you for being one of our global supporters,

Keep tuned for more news
Do not forget to join your OLXA Family on Telegram at https://t.me/OlxaCoin

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