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Senin, 19 Maret 2018

Kripton - Microloan and Finance Platform

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Kripton Valuation: Kripton = .02 (USD)
Total Tokens issued: ​maximum total of ​2,600,000,000.

Token Launch Summary
Token name: KRIPTON
Token ticker: ​LPK


L-Pesa creates blockchain-based, smart contract loans enabling people across the internet to grow
their businesses and become thriving entrepreneurs.Hopeful visionaries can take loans in Ether or
Bitcoin and then participate in L-Pesa’s curated marketplace facilitating peer-to-peer lending: the
first crypto loan service in Africa.

By investing in the L-Pesa Coin ICO, you will be supporting the L-Pesa microfinance platform—a platform
intended to provide new financial tools to consumers and small businesses in Africa and Asia. In many
cases, these consumers and small businesses have not previously had access to affordable financing
options. By providing this access, L-Pesa is empowering consumers and small businesses to improve
lives—particularly for those paralyzed by poverty.

Ultimately, L-Pesa Microfinance is about allowing people to create opportunities for themselves and
their families. 
Borrowers on the L-Pesa platform use funds to start or grow a business, pay for education,
or support their ambitions in life via another avenue.

Purchasing Kripton

You can buy L-Pesa Coins through your L-Pesa account. You can also purchase L-Pesa Coins from our
ICO registrar; the wallet address will be provided 15 minutes before the pre-sale starts on January 10, 2018. 

There are only a few restrictions on participation. Most U.S. citizens can participate since the L-Pesa
Coin is not structured as a security subject to SEC regulation. Almost anyone can invest in L-Pesa Coins.
The minimum purchase is 5000 coins (price per USD .02). The maximum purchase is the remaining number of
available coins, which will depend on when coins are purchased. To be absolutely sure you get the amount
of coins you need, it's recommended you join the pre-sale early!

What is L-PESA Group?

The L-Pesa Group is a global group of companies revolutionizing financial technology and services
in Africa and Asia. L-Pesa has built a sophisticated platform for issuing and servicing consumer
and small business loans.

The platform has operated for 18 months in East Africa and over 25,000 loans have been issued. Due to
sophisticated underwriting, the loss ratio is below 10%. This low loss ratio combined with the high degree
of automation allows L-Pesa to offer low cost financing to a large number of users.

L-Pesa was founded with the vision to improve people’s lives through efficient access to credit and related
financial services. It’s about making the world a better place for everyone. L-Pesa started offering microfinance
services in Tanzania in 2016 and has grown its service offering and geographic footprint at an increasing pace
in pursuit of this vision.


When is the L-PESA Coin Sale?
Community AirdropDec 1 2017
Early Bird SaleJan 10, 2018
Start of Pre-SaleMarch 18, 2018
Start of Public SaleApr 10, 2018
End of Public SaleJun 10, 2018
DistributionAug 10, 2018

Private Sale Start Feb 1, 2018 0.02 40% $10,000,000
Presale 30 days
Pre-sale Tier 1 During first 24 hours 0.02 20% ($2,500,000 Allocation)
Pre-sale Tier 2 During next 24 hours 0.02 15% ($2,500,000 Allocation)
Pre-sale Tier 3 During next 24 hours 0.02 10% ($2,500,000 Allocation)
Pre-sale Tier 4 During the next 27 days 0.02 5% ($2,500,000 Allocation)
Public Sale 60 days 0.02 0% ($5,000,000 Allocation)

The L-Pesa ICO is intended to launch the L-Pesa Coin as a digital token for use on the L-Pesa Microfinance platform.
Holders of the coin can obtain loans at reduced cost. The community airdrop already began December 1, 2017.

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