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In Greek mythology, Koios /ˈsiːəs/ (Ancient Greek: Κοῖος, “query, questioning”) was the Titan of Intellect.

And in a similar vein The Koios Project seeks to provide a decentralized platform for the “Titans of Intellect” in the modern technology era — Artificial Intelligence Developers.

And what is Koios?
The Koios Project is building an AI development, marketplace and fog mining ecosystem that will connect AI developers to everyday consumers. It provides a medium for the beginner to expert consumer to purchase sophisticated and reliable AI content in a simple and easy to implement manner.

What products are you building?
The Koios ecosystem will contain three distinct products: NeuralNet, AI Lab, and Titan Protocol.

The “Neural Net” component of the Koios Platform is a simple, intuitive marketplace containing a library of AI and ML content. All content submitted by developers will undergo technical review by the Koios Team to ensure it adheres to industry standards and is functional prior to being advertised on the marketplace.

The “AI Lab” is an AI development platform providing access to a library of complimentary tools, algorithms and data sets created and maintained by the Koios Team. AI Lab will provide the building blocks to not only accelerate AI Development but also allow developers to deploy their creations to a fully hosted Machine Learning Engine exposed via API for public or private consumption.

Lastly, “Titan Protocol” will connect any user with the Koios desktop and mobile apps via fog mining to the Koios platform and allow them to participate in AI development by anonymously “renting” their CPU power to developers. This allows users to earn Koios Tokens which can then be freely traded on Public Crypto Exchanges or used to purchase AI content.

The Koios concept was developed after initial R&D in November 2017.
The official whitepaper release occurred on January 15, 2018, with the NeuralNet Beta planned for Q3 2018.

The Team
An all-star founding team backed by an increasing roster of high profile advisors.

Join us as we #democratiseAI

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Important: Koios Tokens are not intended to constitute securities or any other form of capital investment in any jurisdiction. They do not grant any rights in any company, dividends, payment of any interest, profit participation or any other remuneration for the provision of capital. They only represent a claim for the Participant against Koios in relation to goods and services offered by the platform. Those services are subject to change in the sole discretion of the Koios platform founders.

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