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BitSoccer is a soccer manager running on the Ethereum blockchain! In BitSoccer you can scout players, train them, exchange players with other users, join tournaments and much more!

Most ethereum based games are still developing their gameplay, our gameplay will go live right after the Pre-Sale! Right now you can acquire players from the Scout function, buy players from the transfer market and gift players to other users.


BitSoccer uses a collaboration mechanism between the ERC-20 protocol and an ERC-721 protocol to realize the economic cycle of the game. 
The ERC-721 Token is used to indicate different soccer players, similar to Cryptokitties.
The ERC-20 Token is called JOY in the game. The value of this Token is only valid in this game and used in the in-game operations.

The game is a soccer team simulator developed on the Ethereum blockchain. You can exchange ETH to find new players for your soccer team, buy/ sell players, manage your own team and lead it in tournaments. 
Each soccer player has his unique attributes and appearance, also he may have his tendencies, like more suitable role or preferred position. A reasonable arrangement will make the team cooperate better. 

1 - Footballers from BitSoccer have almost unlimited combination of appearances, attributes and skills. (Except star players that are famous soccer players that have fixed appearance and stats.)
2 - The footballer's trading needs arise not only from the footballers' uniqueness and scarcity, but also from the fact that with a more reasonable staffing and formation, the team can be stronger. 
3 - The process of the game is completely calculated in the Ethereum blockchain. The result is fair and can’t be manipulated.
4 - The game will spontaneously organize a 32-teams tournament. The owner of the team can pay Ether as registry fee to participate. Each team shall have up to 5 games – top 32, top 16, the quarter-final, the semi-final and the final. Each victory of the team will increase the prize it will get.
5 - Game players can choose to sponsor one or more teams in the upcoming tournament, to share the profit won in the matches.

Joy Tokens:

In BitSoccer we use a currency called JOY. It’s an in-game currency with a fixed rate of 10.000 JOY per 1 ETH. This currency can’t be used outside BitSoccer. JOY and ETH can be exchanged at any time through our smart contract, nobody has access to the ETH that enters the system as each ETH that goes in has an equivalent JOY quantity. The contract from BitSoccer works like a bank, exchanging ETH and JOY for players, we only charge small fees from the in-game operations but have no access to the funds. 

The bank contract from JOY tokens can be accessed here:

OUR TEAM HOLDS NO JOY TOKENS. Just like any player we need to exchange ETH in order to get JOY as this is the way the contract is designed. 

In the future we will develop more games that support JOY tokens.


During pre-sale we are NOT selling tokens with a special price but offering users that are early supporters bonus star players for their teams. The players that are being given during pre-sale period will not be available in the game after the pre-sale is over. To acquire this limited star players you can check the rules below:

Pre-Sale is LIVE! It will end on April 8th (to check the pre-sale timer please visit our website:

1 – All the users that scout at least one player during the pre-sale period will get the limited edition star player Midget Gem for free
2 – All the users that scout at least five players during the pre-sale period will get the limited edition star player Paddy for free
3 – The top 100 users that scout more players during the pre-sale will get the limited edition star player Great Dane for free 
4 – The top 10 users that scout more players during the pre-sale will get the limited edition star player The Phenomenon and the limited edition star player Great Dane for free 
5 – Players that invite at least three friends to the game (that register successfully) will get the limited edition star player Epic Brozo for free
6 – Players that invite at least one friend to the game that scouts one player or more will get the limited edition star player Clockwork for free

Players from the pre-sale WON'T BE AVAILABLE after it ends. 

Bounty Campaign:

Our bounty campaign will start TODAY! Please wait the thread to be updated later with the link, it will be managed by the user Sylon. He will post the details later. Joining the bounty campaign you will be able to get star players for your team including one player that is not available ANYWHERE else! So only bounty players will be able to get this rare player.

How to Get Started with Bit-Soccer?

1 - Install MetaMask
2 - Login in our website and create your account.
3 - Exchange ETH for JOY tokens.
4 - Use JOY tokens to scout players or buy players directly from the transfer market. 
5 - When you scout players there is a 35% of getting a star player, these are famous soccer players with stronger attributes. The rest of the players you scout are generated randomly and all have unique stats and features.

You can read a detailed guide on how to start on BitSoccer here:

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