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Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

LUXCoin - New PHI1612 PoW/PoS Hybrid

We are happy to answer your questions. There is a growing community on our Discord channel.

Please keep in mind that the only exchange where LuxCoin is currently being traded is Cryptopia!

Roadmap — Discord — GitHub — CoinMarketCap — WhatToMine — CoinGecko — CryptoSlate — CoinCodex — CoinCap — CryptoDelver


Mining Software
ccminer — sgminer — cpuminer

Hash Rental

AltMiner — AntMine — BSOD Pool — CoinMiners — FutureCoins — Hash Refinery — Miner Control — Nosekefik — UniMining — ZPool — Yiimp



POS Details
LUX PoS is Static, not Dynamic. Dynamic rewards a % based on the amount of coins you hold, which can cause those that hold less, to wait days or even weeks for rewards.
Our system rewards a static 1 LUX to all staking, regardless of the amount of coins. Those that hold more coins, are rewarded more often.
This allows for all individuals staking to be rewarded, without long waiting times due to others large weight.
Which means, having your wallet open and staking is a great way to increase your coins.

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