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Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

LegacyLotto - World’s first ticket mining blockchain lottery


Decentralized lottery
First decentralized world wide lottery offering ticket mining and self executing  smart contracts.

[22 Jan, 2018 - 14 Feb, 2018]
Soft cap: 2 000 ETH
Hard cap: 7 500 ETH
[15 Feb, 2018 - 20 Apr, 2018]
Soft cap: 16 500 ETH
Hard cap: 30 000 ETH


Legacy Lotto is a blockchain based platform built on the Ethereum network grounded on the conviction that blockchain technology will radically change the antiquated ways of holding traditional lottery games.
We are proud to be a decentralized lottery that offers:
 • Ticket mining
 • Unlimited jackpots
 • Full automatization thanks to our smart contracts.


Legacy Lotto will be the first cryptocurrency that uses CPU staking to build a community-driven decentralized mining supercomputer.
Through the joint CPU power of the Legacy community we’ll mine cryptocurrencies on a difficulty basis, always seeking to optimize our resources to increase the jackpot.
Ticket mining exploits the beneficial characteristics that cryptocurrencies offer by allowing everyone to take part in lottery draws by staking CPU power and acting as nodes in our blockchain.


LGY is an ERC20 token that will be distributed once our ICO ends.  LGY token holders will have the benefit of buying Legacy Lotto tickets at a discount, having access to special lottery games, plus they will see the token price go up as jackpots increase. LGY will be minable through our website or our through the Legacy Node Extension. 60% of the ICO proceeds will go directly into the first Jackpot.


Our whitepaper:

Our Official  channels and groups:
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