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Rabu, 07 Februari 2018

Galaxy eSolutions

What is Galaxy eSolutions (GES) all about?
Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a Global eCommerce for refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics, with marketplaces to buy and trade-in goods.

We source. We refurbish. We distribute.
The entire business operation is handled by us, including the process of refurbishing where our technicians in our factory in Shenzhen, China, follow our quality protocol to ensure refurbishment is to a top standard.

Based in Hong Kong, we operate in over 26 countries. By positioning as a ‘Green’ company, we directly appeal to the environmentally-aware consumers.

To find out more look at our Whitepaper.

What are GES tokens?
GES tokens are a form of utility tokens made for the GES Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also called Crowdsale, and in order to purchase them Ethers are needed. Ethers are the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum network. The tokens can then be used in exchange for Ethers or to buy products from our current e-commerce site NDBD and our new GES site in the future.

How is GES different? 
We are to incorporate the Blockchain platform onto one of our marketplaces MobileFreak, where consumers and businesses can trade-in their phones with other businesses. It will be a direct P2P type model and ecosystem. The blockchain technology will also help to easily and quickly record details of the goods, transactions, and logistics of both sides.

This could resolve trust and credibility issues between both parties, such as supplier quality, product grading and quality standards, the Mobile serial number to ensure authentic and not fake or stolen goods, and payment of the goods and services.

Where and How do I buy tokens?
You buy GES tokens from the GES ICO/Crowdsale.

Then enter details of the transaction of tokens, such as the amount you want to purchase and when prompted your public-address, from there the transaction will take place.

Look below for a step-by-step process of “How to buy GES tokens.”

The transaction of the GES tokens and ethers will take place on the blockchain platform where they will be secure.

Do I use Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase tokens? 
The cryptocurrency by Ethereum is called Ethers (“ETH”) and it is the only way of payment for GES tokens. You cannot use Bitcoin to make a purchase of GES tokens.

You can use Shapeshift service to convert your Bitcoins to Ethereum and then use it to buy GES tokens.

Can I buy GES token with USD, Euro, GBP or RMB?
No, you cannot directly buy GES tokens with traditional (fiat) currency like USD, Euros, RMB or GBP. You need to use the cryptocurrency Ethers to purchase GES tokens, and to buy the cryptocurrency, yes, you can use traditional currency. You need to buy Ethers from an exchange like Coinbase, Kraken or Gemini.

Important Note: Please do not send Ethers from exchange accounts as you will not receive GES back to your account. Please transfer fund from exchange to personal wallet like Ethereum or MyEtherWallet and then buy GES tokens.

How many tokens will be created and sold?
How many tokens will be created and sold? There will be a maximum of 300,000,000 GES tokens based on the hard/maximum cap of 25000 ETH. The tokens are manufactured based on the amount of ETH raised. So if the raised is less there eventually will be equivalent less number of tokens created.

The company manufactures an additional 11% of total tokens sold in the Pre Sale and ICO.

Is there a limit to how many tokens can one purchase?
No, you can purchase as many utility tokens based on their availability at that time.

Will I receive my tokens after the transaction is successful?
Yes, as soon as your transaction is picked out of the pool by miners, declared valid and put into a block and then added to a blockchain; that will mean that it is successful and you will receive them into your wallet. The process may take a while, so please wait patiently.

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