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Rabu, 21 Februari 2018

DocTailor - Self Customizing Smart Legal Contract Platform

Self Customizing Smart Legal Contract Platform

DocTailor is a unique self-customizing smart legal contract
platform, that allows, lawyers, individuals, and organizations to send and
create legal tailor-made smart contracts and agreements on the

DOCT: The Token to create smart tailor-made legal documents by

Our journey to disrupting multi-trillion dollar economies

The crowd sale will start on March 31  2018

The tokensale will start on March 31st 2017 12:00

Early Bird Bonus:30%
Minimum objective:$1,000,000 USD

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There is notable demand for smart contracts, although few are making use of the services that have already been made available. In fact, while almost half of all senior executives believe there is value in smart contracts on the blockchain, and while they would be happy to use a smart contract service, reports suggest that just 13% have actually incorporated the technology into their work. 

Team Members include:

Sam Enrico Williams
Founder and CEO

Alexandrine Masse 
Senior Legal Officer

Marco Zaratta 
Legal Counsel

Pavel Rubin
Blockchain & Software Developer

Dominic Brown
Chief Operations Officer

Victor Khomiak
Front-End Developer

Bounty Campaign:

The Official Bounty Program is open HERE.
We have a wide range of campaigns available including; signature,
blog/media, translation, social media and telegram campaigns.

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