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Kamis, 08 Februari 2018

Crafty - First autonomous worker free platform

If you are looking for the BOUNTY program you can find it in here
Ethereum Token Info

  • Units: 10,000,000,000
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Distribution: ICO
  • Acronym: CFTY
  • Decimal places: 8
  • Website:
  • Pre-sale start: 22 January 2018
  • Pre-sale end: 05 February 2018
  • Token sale start: 12 February 2018
  • Token sale end: 13 March 2018
  • Token usage:The token will be used for customer fidelity programs and rewards, not only at Crafty, but also by other companies will join the program. Crafty company is the first company to use this knowledge and fidelity token, but won't be the last nor only one, it is a token for the companies, not the company for the token.

What is Crafty?

Crafty is the planned evolution of the digital platform (web, android and iOS) "Diaríssima" (, for the hiring of self-employed domestic cleaning professionals or maids.
With almost two years of experience in the Brazilian market, > 50,000 downloads and > 20,000 users, Crafty is now seeking fundraising via crowdfunding to enable expansion, diversifying the range of operations to more than 100 professions, requiring mass advertising support.

Unlocking values

Unlike a home service contractors agency, Crafty is decentralized (P2P) and its business model is network-based, which means that what really matters is the reputation of each party.
At Crafty professionals are self-managed and can freely decide when, to whom and how much to charge for their services.
The values ​​locked in the value chain, which were previously intended for intermediaries, are fully destined to remunerate the worker as Crafty is totally FREE!

Big numbers

Some big numbers to evaluate ​the amount of this value chain in Brazil, according to official government data and statistics service (IBGE): 

  • the inefficiency at domestic service intermediaries, such as agencies or recruiters of domestic professionals, is over 76%. (It's astonishing, but you can verify the authenticity of this information at );
  • In 2014 this value chain in the country summed up BRL 168 Billion (USD 52.5 Billion), only from established companies
  • informality in this field reaches 63%, which means the total amount can be tripled (estimated almost USD 160 Billion).


  • 3/4 of the value generated from the services of these professionals, that previously was taken by the intermediaries, are now destinated to the users of Crafty, whether contractors or service providers.
  • as there is no possibility of advertising, the system contributes to the equilibrium of prices based on a offer balanced with the demand, with consequent appreciation of the reputation.

Transactions and Reputation in blockchain

In addition to a complete platform for hiring professionals, Crafty will be a fully auditable, transparent and open platform of professional reputation.
All transactions, as well as the personal evaluations of users, will be stored in blockchain.

Patented business model - monetization strategy

Crafty will rely on the intensive use of artificial intelligence and deep learning to extract possible adjacent relations of consumption of products and services, based on input x output matrix, to be offered through its network of partners to the real potential users of the platform (provisional patent duly registered at USPTO).

Token and fidelity

The utility token CFTY generated during ICO will be also used on the platform.
Evaluations received from users will be remunerated in CFTY. These tokens will have applications in the system environment, similar to benefit or mileage programs.
System partners will be able to offer products on favorable terms for users, obeying the parity between the price in currency and the token. Access to these users will be remunerated.
Therefore, the CFTY exchange rate and the remuneration for the transactions within the system will be the main way of monetization of the company.

Ability to deliver

Fully bootstrapped from the first draft to today, we became also experts in cost reduction by optimizing every penny invested.
With a reduced team, we conduct our operation nationally consisting of a web portal, android application and iOS, while operating in more than 160 cities countrywide, with more than 11,000 professionals and more than 12,000 contractors registered in our platform Diaríssima.
Counting with these talents in the team, Crafty is already in an advanced stage of development. For this reason, ICO's funding will be largely invested in marketing and advertising, making the product nationally recognized.


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