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Selasa, 30 Januari 2018

🔴 BLOOMZED 🔴 - Mobile financial assistant


17 January-17 February 2018

By definition, Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API
and consists of a large number of software blocks that are integrated into a
unified system. The Bloomzed unified system is designed to provide an easy
connection of any technological solution, to manage both individual blocks and
the whole system. The system is built, so that individual settings, disabling,
updating, editing, extending capabilities and other options are available to us
without stopping and/or slowing down the system as a whole.

Ready-made and ready-to-use technologies
Bloomzed Mobile Payment Module
This is a mobile payment module that supports NFC transactions with digital emissions,
can interact with a POS machine when paying and WMS/UCPS, which allows you to
manage cards. The module can be integrated into any existing application that runs
under Android.

Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System
This solution is a cloud universal payment system that provides active management and
storage of user accounts, provides support of the card's history and timely replacement
of keys on mobile gadgets. The technology interacts with the issuer's information
system, CTM and WMS, and is resistant to hacking of WMS.

Bloomzed Wallet Management System
This is the wallets management system that provides interaction of information systems
of users and providers. It allows to maintain a database of users, their services and
devices, and provides authentication of users and their mobile gadgets. Wallet -
provider supports the work of WMS, managing data via mobile applications and WEBinterface.

Bloomzed Mobile Wallet
A software platform that turns a consumer's smartphone into a unified wallet. The
solution allows to make transfers and payments (including transactions for NFC and QR
code), manage personal funds, make purchases in offline and online stores using a
mobile phone, participate in loyalty programs, pay for transport, manage
telecommunications services, etc.
Bloomzed Cloud Transaction Module
This is a cloud transaction module that provides the final authentication of cloud
payments. It can function as a separate element or as part of UCPS.

Bloomzed E-Money
The solution is an innovative platform designed for the processing of electronic money.
For consumers, it is a convenient tool for payment for services and goods; for retailers,
it is an easily integrated efficient application that provides acceptance of mobile
payments (offline and online).

Bloomzed Gift
With this platform of mobile gifts, marketers can reward clients in real time by sending
them gift certificates in the mobile application or via SMS. Various certificates are
available (for electronics, pharmaceutics, products, replenishment of mobile phone, etc.),
which can be exchanged for related services or goods in offline and online stores. Such
certificates are convenient by the fact that they eliminate the need to print leaflets or
coupons. Received via email, SMS or pop-up message, they will always be available for
the consumer and can be exchanged for the service/goods at any time of the day.

Bloomzed Retail
This is a hardware and software system that allows retailers to accept payments of any
types: card, electronic, cryptocurrency, via NFC and QR code. With this solution, you can
process payments through POS machines, cash registers or using a tablet. Sellers
receive money instantly, and for buyers, shopping turns into an easy and enjoyable

Bloomzed E-Commerce
The solution allows to optimize the quality of customer service and is suitable for any
mobile device. This module is particularly convenient for electronic commerce. It is a
multifunctional platform that allows to accept payments, manage an Internet store, etc.
Your client can be a person from any country.

· Transfers and payments in the Bloomzed system are performed through the
technologies NFC, QR, Bluetooth Smart, USDD, HCE.

· Authentication via SMS and biometrics (voice, fingerprint, scanning of face and eye
retina) is activated to confirm the transfers and payments and ensure their security.

· To ensure the security and safety of transactions carried out in Bloomzed, the
following technologies are used additionally:
- PCI DSS Certificate;     - mVisa;
- SSL Certificate;     - MasterCard SecureCode;
- Verified by Visa;     - McAffe;
- 3D Secure;     - MasterPass. 

BZT or Bloomzed Token – is a token that serves as a “ticket” into the private club named Bloomzed Crypto Club. After purchasing or receiving it, you can become a member of this club and enjoy all relevant bonuses and benefits, the amount of which is determined by the number of BZT held by a particular token owner.

    You should take into account that BZT is not a monetary or other material obligation of Bloomzed company, its partners and/or structural divisions. The membership token cannot be cashed-out for any cryptocurrency, electronic or fiat money. Bloomzed Company is not engaged in repurchasing of BZT.

    In fact, a membership token is a tool that defines membership in the private club and allows to obtain relevant opportunities and privileges according to the rules of participation in Bloomzed Crypto Club. The  payment for BZT is a membership fee to join the club and is not refundable.

    Participating in the TGE of Bloomzed Crypto Club, the user understands and fully accepts that the purchase of BZT gives the right to participate in the project as a member of Bloomzed Crypto Club. Money contributed for a BZT token represent an entrance fee, and therefore is not refundable.

Distribution of BZT is carried out through the smart-contract of ERC 20 standard.

It is planned to issue 100 million BZT.
Distribution plan for membership tokens:

1 BZT token = 0,002 Eth
1 Eth = 500 BZT

The minimum purchase volume is 250 BZT tokens,
which is equivalent to 0.5 Eth

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