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Sabtu, 16 Desember 2017

Uservice - Platform For Auto Service Industry

UService project is a decentralized online platform on the blockchain technology, Ethereum, where smart contract technology will be used.


A single global transparent and decentralized blockchain platform for car service and maintenance. Our blockchain platform will connect car owners, dealerships, insurance companies, auto service centers, manufacturers, and parts suppliers as well as manufacturers on one platform. By joining them on a single platform, they get a chance to cooperate with one another, which will increase the possibility of transparency and effectiveness of their business processes.

Uservice project is aiming to bring innovative solution to gathering and storing your car history on its secure and transparent blockchain platform for further optimization while connecting all industry players for easy access and workflow.


In today’s online network, there are large numbers of interactive automobile platforms that are registered. Every one of them has its own niche – some sell cars, others provide car diagnostics, auto repair services and many more. Certainly, each and every one of them has their benefits. However, they all share common problem – working independently from one another, at times far away from one another. For many of us, as car owners, it is a matter of convenience when everything is located in the close proximity.

In some scenarios, as a car owner, you may not have the access to the reliable and updated information about the car they wish to purchase.


By connecting auto repair centers, car owners, insurance agencies, cars and parts manufacturers, dealerships, parts suppliers, and many more on one platform, we are aiming to maximize the effectiveness of interaction of individual links, and joining them into one whole chain. Every link of this chain will have its own functionality and as a whole it will help to ease the process of gathering the required information and/or service to the car owner and industry players.

Our system will provide an opportunity not only to solve all the questions of the car owners quickly and comfortably with minimum financial expenses, but also give a chance to gain financially. 

Blockchain technology

Recording any transactions in the ecosystem occurs instantly. In a matter of few minutes, you can choose coordinate and pay for the services of a repair shop, etc. anywhere in the world.

Distributed database

Storing the whole car history on the blockchain platform will make Uservice the leading aggregator of information in the entire car industry.



We made our own cryptocurrency that we plan to use when paying for information which is produced every minute by a modern car: oil consumption, location, temperature, and many more. This is the very example when information is the money! And this money can be spent to pay for the services of all partners who are part of the global USERVICE system.

Token sale of the project Uservice and all related processes will be based on the smart contracts which will be working on Ethereum technology.

In total, 1,000,000,000 UST tokens will be issued, 60% of which will be available for sale during the ICO, and 3% will be sold during the Pre-ICO.

USERVICE will issue two kinds of tokens:

UST Token

UST Token will become our primary one for our ecosystem. Owners of this token will be able to use it to pay for purchases and all kinds of payments for the services of company partners inside our platform.  

USX Token

In 2019, we will introduce a secondary token called USX which you will be able to use for the purchases inside our system for the UST tokens. The following token will be legalized by undergoing the needed procedures in order to be the document of value of Uservice. 




•   Development 75%
•   Public Contribution 60%
•   Marketing 15%

•   Reserved Funds 20%
•   Security 5%

•   Team & Advisors 20%
•   Legal 5%


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