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Senin, 18 Desember 2017

ugChain - the decentralized game ecosystem-Bounty updates

the decentralized game ecosystem based on blockchain technology

ugChain - We Create Blockchain Powered Applications

ugChain is an ecosystem consisting of a series of decentralized applications, and its core is a decentralized account system (DAS) based on blockchain technology. The system has built-in exclusive token UG Token (UGT), which simultaneously has the equity attribute and monetary attribute. The DAS is a decentralized account system featuring user autonomy built on the Ethereum, providing hassle-free user experience in information authorization across service providers ? by only requiring user to provide the signature with his/her private key, rather than traditional experience to register and log in with password under each centralized service provider. This architecture enables user to save his/her account by himself/herself without depending on storage of the centralized service provider. 

The UG Token, UGT for short, is the blood for the operations of the decentralized game account system. The UGT is a contractual token based on the Ethereum. The UG Token Contract is realized following the ERC20 Token standard. We have developed many attributes based on the UGT to support the operation of the ugChain, including ?standardized asset registration?, ?agency asset collection/payment? and ?signature-authorized agency transaction?.

Why ugChain chose the gaming industry?
Gaming industry has a huge userbase. Current size of Chinese gamer userbase is almost 507 million. Apart from that, gaming industry’s market size will reach trillion scale in near future. There is scope for huge profit margin.

We believe that existing problems in the gaming industry can be solved with the proper implementation of blockchain technology. Hence blockchain in near future will be considered as an inevitable trend for the development of gaming industry.

What’s ugChain’s competitive advantages?

  • ugChain is the first gaming focused ecosystem based on blockchain technology in China. In April 2017, ugChain completed the first blockchain based application platform for gaming.
  • ugChain push smart contract attributes of the blockchain to solve the current mico-transaction hassles and hiccups within the industry.  
  • Blockchain based gaming platform not only has the ability of technology empowerment, it also strengthens the resource integration.

With the impeccable experience in the blockchain based application development and gaming industry operations, ugChain already have established cooperation with a number of large game companies and platforms.


Game distribution platform - Boolu
the web version of Boolu has been officially released . The core features of Boolu has two parts: the game recommended ranking and independent game assistance . Boolu wants to build boutique game recommended platform which understands the game players rather than a tool.

Peer to peer battle on chain platform
Taking peer to peer battle on chain as the core, it will expand the vitality of the game from the offline league, the training of the team, and the live program of the e-sports games, to create a ecological e-sports industry.

The game account trading platform
Via “one number pass" game solution, really make sure the game assets transaction security,Completely eradicate the traditional trading fraud and malicious behavior,Protect the interests of the player. Trading account by using intelligent blockchain contract,game account register as blockchain assets, it can be checked openly and transparently.



One hundred million (100,000,000) UGTs is created as UGT's total token supply.
The UGToken supply is allocate as follows:

  • 45% of UGTs (45,000,000) are distributed through the crowdsale
  • 30% of UGTs (30,000,000) will be allocated to community initiatives concerning business development, as well as academic research and education
  • 10% of UGTs (10,000,000) are distributed to market promotion and expansion
  • 10% of UGTs (10,000,000) are distributed among founders,and the development team
  • 5% of UGTs (10,000,000) are distributed among early backers and consultants





We encourage you to ask questions and discuss or give your feedback on ugChain.
If you have any questions, please contact us !

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