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Minggu, 17 Desember 2017

SALPay TOKENS - Making Payroll and Remittances cheaper, safer, faster

SALPay Tokens ICO

Hi everyone,

I'm Ed, from Salarium.

Salarium is a payroll and e-banking platform that already provides services to hundreds of companies, and over 10,000 employees. Most of these employees already use SALPay, our debit MasterCard paired with an e-wallet. We provide banking services to Filipinos that no other banks can.

Most of our customers (about 50%) are BPOs, so they receive their money from countries abroad. Filipinos get paid twice a month, so the costs of sending the money every 2 weeks through traditional banking are incredibly costly. Not to mention that, once they get their money in the Philippines, they will have to transfer it into our e-wallet ecosystem to pay their employees!

SALPay Tokens solve this problem, that our clients have been asking about. In fact, when we released the first information about our ICO, several of our clients reached out to us to try it as soon as they can!

And SALPay Tokens don't only help us with that: Our currency will also help us tap into the remittance business, which is huge in the Philippines (overseas Filipinos send around USD26 billion every year, and growing). We can help them send their money straight into an account with a MasterCard, ready to spend or cash out.

With Smart Contracts, we will also be tapping into the freelancer market, putting the money in escrow and using our time and work-tracking tools to send the payment to the freelancer as soon as the work is done, or back to the employer if the contract hasn't been honored.

We're all very excited to be introducing Crypto into our existing ecosystem, and we hope you will too.


SAL Description
SAL goal is to make fund transfers for salary and remittances cheap, fast and secure using the Ethereum Blockchain technology
Ticker Symbol

Start of Pre Sale
22nd November 2017
End of Pre Sale
26th November 2017
ICO Start Date
27th November 2017
ICO End Date
31st December 2017
Air Drop/ Delivery Date
31st January 2018
Token Price
1 SAL equals 0.40 USD
Total Tokens
Minimum Contribution Amount
0.1 ETH or equivalent in BTC
Percentage of all tokens offered to public
60% (10% Presale 50% ICO Phase)
Percentage of Tokens for Seeding Exchanges 
10% (Exchange loan for liquidity)
Percentage of Tokens for Bounty
10% (For Fair Reviews and Videos)
Percentage of Tokens for Shareholders and Staff
20% (Lock in period of 6 months for all Salarium full time employees)
Soft Cap for ICO
10M (Refunds to participant if goal not met after 22nd December 2017)  
Project Status
In Beta  
PreSale Bonus
Accepted Currencies for ICO

Our website ( just went up, so join us! You can read our whitepaper (currently in English, Chinese, and Japanese), join our Telegram( and Slack ( channels, check out our YouTube videos (, or access our bounty program ( to spread the word.

 We're looking forward to seeing what the bitcointalk community's thoughts are, and we'll be here to be an active part of the conversation.

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