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Incorporated in the Netherlands, is a next generation digital asset exchange committed to offering alternative financing and non-banking asset management solutions outside of traditional financial systems and banking establishments. Unlike them, we place all assets straight into the Blockchain ledger.

Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are blooming at the moment, making this an ideal time to create a decentralized exchange platform., a Dutch fintech startup, created a trading platform that enables cryptocurrencies and digital assets (tokens) to be used as an exchange instrument.

Christiaan van Steenbergen - Founder of NEXT and Angellist Europe - LinkedIn
Gleb Jout - Blockchain Consultant, Content & Strategy Manager - LinkedIn
Drs. Chris Haveman - Board advisor & Business Strategy Operations - LinkedIn
Mr. Rob van Dijk - Laywer & Head of Legal Operations - LinkedIn

To provide an exchange platform between fiat, crypto coins, real assets (like company shares) and digital assets with a large, active, and friendly community.

Offer new ways for users to turn a profit by mimicking expert practices, for example a mobile application where traders can copy trades from successful traders.

To provide an exchange platform for physical goods in which business can exchange their items in a fast and secure manner.

Buying and selling is increasingly done online, the need for cryptocurrencies and tokens is also increasing. allows any company to create, buy, and sell tokens for a static or dynamic price and promote them to their communities on a rapidly growing platform that will create more value for tokenized projects and their supporters. The UX design and intuitive navigation, quick buys/sells,combined with a global and social (Telegram/Facebook) community, built-in fiat/crypto exchange, smart analytics, and crypto mining will make sure there are plenty of interesting features to give users the tools that they need in order to invest in digital assets.

Currently, our unique features include

Pool Trading - Our platform is capable of handling high trading volumes and providing users with the necessary tools to obtain substantial profits from their trading and exchange actions. Pool trading will help users spread risk over a wide range of assets while participating in the cryptocurrency and fiat market.

Community Trading - We are capable of providing users with a platform to which they can upload their smart contracts in order to participate in an active smart contract community for trades, business, services, and increased exposure.

Coin and Token Vote In - New and existing cryptocurrencies can be submitted for consideration by our community users via If we see a digital asset getting a considerable amount of support from its user base, we will carry out due to diligence and make a decision pertaining to listing said asset.

Social network for ICO’s - All of the ICO’s listed on our platform will have their own profile, through which our community members can get in touch with the team behind the ICO, as well as get direct updates and news from the ICO. Similar to Facebook, imagine a social profile for ICO’s.

Crypto Mining - Users will be granted the option of investing funds in mining pools. Mining pools, working on a constant, passive earning model. Considering that the cash power of mining pools will be more or less equal. Returns on investments from the mining of new coins will be split among investors.

Cold and secure storage of funds - We have nullified the threat of cyber-attacks and hacking threats thanks to the utilization of cold storage methods. Clients will be able to use the Trezor™ device in order to store money securely and safely, via two-factor authentication and other security validation methods.

Services tailored to inexperienced users - Our system provides inexperienced traders the opportunity to copy and learn from the actions and decisions of more experienced traders. New traders can benefit from the expertise and knowledge base of experienced market practitioners. For traders who simply do not have any spare time to devote to market and trading research, will provide an Auto-Trade tool. This is a feature that automatically follows the actions of top traders based on current and historical performance. Auto Trade is the safest, automated trading method, and will be implemented in the investment fund.

Managed Investment Portfolios - will provide its users with fully managed investment funds by linking them with licensed investment brokers that are registered with the Dutch AFM and those with a strong background in banking and corporate finance.

Trader Advantages - Traders who operate on our platform will have the opportunity of earning a percentage of their follower’s profits and obtain boosts to gain certain advantages, such as lower processing and transaction fees.

Referral program - Our referral program is designed to benefit both, invitation senders, and recipients. A bonus system will be implemented that will allow users to receive rewards once they recruit new users to the platform. This ensures that new users are introduced so that NEXT.Exchange trading volume grows.

Fiat and Crypto Swaps - Instant swaps between crypto and fiat will be implemented. We will start with USD and EUR, with more to follow as we move along.

PayPal Service Integration - And yes, we also plan on integrating PayPal’s services with our exchange at a later date.[size]

Currently, an Initial Coin Offering is a very time-consuming and strenuous process, which may take months of hard work to fulfill. will provide users with fully automated API web services in which ICO token sales can be launched almost instantaneously. We will provide a ready to go programming code so that ICO’s may be launched the same day as a request is filed, accompanied by a target audience list, and automated marketing procedures implemented to attract investor attention to new prospective ICO's.

Considering that will provide all of the necessary services, token supplies, smart contracts, and legal documentation, we will impose a small fee of 5% for our services.

Since the founding of Kickstarter, crowdfunding markets have developed into an industry with over $2.5 billion+ active assets. Compared to crowdfunding, the current cryptocurrency market volume is even greater. Despite being relatively new, the ICO market has already overpassed Kickstarter’s volume. This is rather impressive considering that the market is still in its early stages, with a ridiculously high ceiling for crowdfunding and profit generation. We at believe that ICO’s will replace IPO’s in the near future due to developing technologies and old business practice obsolescence. ICO’s will provide small to large sized companies with rapid financing solutions, and liquidity at such a rate, that IPO’s will soon lose their entire appeal and competitive advantages from the mass medias perspective.

The platform will be able to support most popular cryptocurrencies, included and not limited to Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum (ERC20 as well), NEM, and the (NEXT) token for all payment related features. clients will be able to easily participate in international crowdfunding projects with optimal comfort and asset security.

In connection with the crowdfunding market, we want ICO’s to be readily tradeable and offered as a base for various investment solutions for individual clients as well as businesses. In the initial stages, low-cost equity traded funds (ETF's) will be offered, followed by trading, advisory, brokerages, custody trades, wealth management and others. Most of our services, such as advisory and wealth management solutions will be developed in- house so our users will have the best experience.

For corporations, will initially offer treasury services, which will over time expand in order to envelop most corporate finance services required by our clients, including deal financing.

So, in short is taking stock exchanges to the NEXT level, making it substantially easier to acquire stocks through Blockchain technology. By providing a full history of trading, so decisions can be easily made, even for the most inexperienced traders. With just a few clicks, users will be able to get the best,most promising shares, and enjoy dividends.


We provide our token holders with bonus features like:
- Lower fees on transactions
- Up to 7 days earlier access to new listed tokens
- The NEXT token is tradable
- NEXT tokenholders are entitled to all of the exchanges profits
- Token holders can trade crypto <> fiat. 

Tokenholders will have the opportunity to reap rewards for large volume trading and referrals of new investors to our platform. To achieve this, we deployed the ERC20 token: NEXT

The NEXT token is a type of digital currency which will be used on the NEXT.Exchange platform (and can be exchanged between Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital currencies). The tokens may also be utilized to distribute dividends to investors. If you are lucky to be in possession of NEXT tokens, then you are also in possession of a portion of our platform, and this means that you are entitled to a revenue share.

A total of 96 million tokens will be sold, only 120 million tokens will ever be created.

20 million tokens will be sold during the Pre-ICO;
76 million during the ICO;
18 million will be used for PR and marketing;
6 million will be allocated to the team.

Unsold tokens will be burned/burried.

ICO: Nov 20th 2017 - Dec 31th 2017
1 ETH = 1000 NEXT
Minimum investment for benefits = 0.1 ETH


Latest News
  • We will be listing ETN, VOISE, ETHLend, RUP, ADA, XRP, DASH, LTC, BCC, XMR, USD, EUR, PayPal is coming, as is BTC participation in our token sale. We are also actively communicating with other projects. Reminder, listings are free, we listen to the voice of communities and do our due diligence.
  • We are also linking up with PwC  in order to publish QUARTERLY AUDITS which will be available on next.exchangefor everyone to enjoy, as well as for accounting, and additional legal advising. I would like to remind you that we have a lawyer in our team who is authorized by the highest Netherlands legal authority.
  • POC (Proof of Concept) will be launched on the 14th, this is over 2 weeks before the token sale ends, with images giving insight as to what things will look like by the end of this week.
  • All token holders (with more the 100 NEXT)  will have rights to dividends.
  • Dividends will be paid quarterly and will stem from the profit that NEXT will generate.
  • NEXT will become a public limited company (naamloze vennootschap), We are located at Singel 250,Netherlands .
  • The company structure is prepared to make a listing on EURONEXT and comply with the rules of the pertinent Financial Authority.

We moved at new offices, check this out and come visit us:

Early access registration for NEXT tokenholders:

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