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Jumat, 15 Desember 2017

LoyalCoin - Digital Asset for the Universal Loyalty Economy


------Introducing LoyalCoin, the cryptocurrency ushering in the new loyalty economy.------

We are building an omnichannel loyalty ecosystem that will be the next generation of customer loyalty, or The Loyalty Economy. This ecosystem, which will include a new virtual currency, a digital wallet, a series of white label apps and other supporting software, and a coalition of supporting merchants, is set to change the current uninspired and value-deficient rewards points system to a value-focused, digital-based rewards system that will stand head and shoulders above traditional rewards programs. This virtual currency spearheading this new system is LoyalCoin.

Read our whitepaper here for more details

-----------------Plan and Vision-----------------

Imagine if the arbitrary, expiring, and limited points you earn from dozens of customer loyalty programs you don’t really keep track of are converted into permanent, wide-reaching, and tradable digital tokens that multiple merchants issue and accept under one unified system that easily trumps the traditional rewards arrangements we have now. As a virtual asset backed by blockchain technology, LoyalCoin makes that possible. And LoyalCoin’s use of this blockchain technology will enable a revolution in the customer loyalty space. The full extent of LoyalCoin’s capabilities will be exhibited through the LoyalWallet digital wallet, which enables one-tap earning of rewards, switching of rewards into more assets than ever before, and more. And LoyalCoin will be issued through the LoyalCoalition, a group of merchants that believe in our customer loyalty vision, as well as through merchants that make arrangements with LoyalCoin for the acceptance of our digital customer loyalty token.[/center]

---------Track Record and Opportunity---------

Appsolutely Inc., the company behind LoyalCoin, is a Southeast Asian startup that has delivered and patented the first mobile-based digital customer loyalty system in the Philippines in 2014. Since then, the company has launched digital customer loyalty solutions for dozens of merchants and companies, some involving global and market-leading brands, for more than 2,000 merchant locations, reaching more than 2 million active loyalty program participants in the process.

This is a key advantage LoyalCoin has in the cryptocurrency world. Most virtual currency launches are funded on the strength of the business plan they have set out. For LoyalCoin’s case, we have built the general infrastructure enabling the omnichannel, universal loyalty system, and we are showing a demonstration of such technology even before LoyalCoin’s TGE. For us, this TGE serves as a vehicle for us to widely and rapidly launch this technology we have developed, as well as to link with international companies for the mission of achieving the global loyalty system we have envisioned.


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