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Minggu, 24 Desember 2017

IronBlock - service platform and marketplace for special equipment market



Problems of machinery buying, selling, and leasing

Lack of trust in information about the technical condition
and appearance of machinery from direct buyers.

Unavailable maintenance history and adherence to procedures during
machinery operation during lificycle for the leasing companies and new buyers

Lack of access to the global machinery sales/purchase market
for 98% of local players around the world.

Considerable seller costs resulting from machinery removal from use
and transportation while placing on the largest auction venues.


IronBlock is a global decentralized platform for optimization of maintance,
verification of current technical condition of equipment and providing ESCROW
transactions in the special equipment market

A blockchain based solution to the trust issues and uberization of verify lots
and transactions processes boost the speed of scaling around the world.

IronBlock ecosystem

Tokens IRB

Prerequisites for the token value growth

Our major goal is creating a global IT infrastructure for the special purpose and heavy
machinery market where the IRB token will make one of the major payment units so that
it can be profitably used also for machinery selling and renting, which should result in
an X-fold growth in the IRB token demand and raise its value respectively.

The IRB token will be a payment unit for the in-platform services (certificate issue, access
to the verified database, etc.) and fees following its launch. As the transaction volume in
the platform and the lot database grows, so will the token demand and its market value.

Development of the cryptocurrencies in the world will promote their use in the global
economy and a shift to payments between all players in a cryptocurrency. The market
size for the major special purpose machinery segments exceeds the total IRB token
emission at its current price by more than 20,000 times.

When the sufficient token liquidity is reached, the loyal platform players will benefit
from saving tokens for the down line payments, which will cause a further increase
in the IRB token deficit thus raising its value.

Following the ICO, the IRB token will be freely traded at the exchanges. We intend
to continuously grow the token availability at the top exchanges as the project develops.

The opportunity of using the IronBlock services at a discount, as well as loyalty
programs and promotions, will be given only for IRB token payments.

Core team

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