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Selasa, 19 Desember 2017

HOME LOANS - Home loans for everybody.

Pre-ICO ends Dec 29
Already sold 282 158.5 HLCoin
Rush to buy with 50% bonus
3 HLCoin (pre-ICO) = 1HLCoin (ICO)



29.11 - 29.12



09.01 - 09.02

We are creating an international platform for Peer-to-peer lending on the Blockchain Ethereum using its our own crypto currency HLCoin, crediting people to purchase real estate around the world, with minimal percent from private investors, without intermediaries in the conclusion of transactions of purchase and making peer-to-peer P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions.

Every person who owns HLCoin is an investor or a borrower

Such crediting will take place using the online platform HOME LOANS by using various financial tools, audits and own scoring system check. This platform will not depend on economic factors of the state in which the property is located and the residence of the borrower. The world market for p2p lending, which was associated with the revolution in finance by 2020 will triple and reach $286 billion.

HOME LOANS will easily accessible financial platform through which people from around the world will be able to convert their savings into foreign currency HLCoin supported by the estate for the potential yield from loans secured by real estate, repurchase real estate, and to protect their income from inflation.

Each HLCoin is a part of safe investment in no-purpose loans secured by real estate that allows people from all over the world to convert the currency of the country in crypto-currency, inflation-resistant. Users can instantly convert their currency into HLCoin and back, and to make any purchase, regardless of the cost.

Due to the possibility of smart contracts and innovative financing platforms in lending on real estate, HLCoin will reduce costs and improve the speed of the traditional business of lending for mortgages and eliminate the need for the participation of third parties.

In future we will be able to help all the 1.6 billion people who do not have their own housing, and also all those who, for one reason or another, was refused by banks, adding them to a new global decentralized cryptosystem.

At the same time will be aggregated large amounts of data, reflecting the needs of customers and their online behaviour. Sharing and exchange of these data will allow private investors around the world to effectively invest their money,  insurance companies to obtain new customers, and borrowers to acquire real estate at favorable terms and to repay the loan without spending to traditional money.


On the international platform of lending estate HOME LOANS has provided types of loans, such as:

1. Loans for housing under construction (1 – 180 months, 1-3 % rate, up to$300,000)

2. Lending for second hand homes (1 – 180 months, 1-3 % rate, up to$300,000)

3. Lending for commercial real estate (1 – 120 months, 2-5 % rate, up to$500,000)

4. Loans for the land (1 – 60 months. 1-5 % rate, 250 000$)

5. Lending of private property (1 – 60 months. 1-5 % rate, 250 000$)

The age of the borrower is from 18 to 65 years (at the end of the loan).

Early repayment is available from the first month without fees.

There is annuity scheme of loan repayment.

HOME LOANS will be registered in Estonia and to facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrency for the legal entity will get a license, which is called “tegevusluba alternatiivsete maksevahendite teenuse osutamiseks”.

Estonia is one of the leading countries in technological innovation of cryptocurrency, to which its government friendly to the introduction of technologies of cryptocurrencies in daily life, healthcare, banking services, and even service e-Residents. Estonia today is the jurisdiction of the many bitcoin startups, cryptocurrency ATMs and special services peer-to-peer buying and selling of cryptocurrency.

In countries, where the cryptocurrency outside the law, our organization, through Bank transfers will transfer funds to sellers on the day of the transaction

There is no  risks associated with non-payment of loans:

- a loan is secured by real estate by 100%,

The guarantee fund of HOME LOANS, which is 20% of the total number of issued HLCoin tokens will cover 100% of the  HLCoin tokens issued by the borrower to purchase real estate if the loan is not repaid or the borrower stop paying. In this case the property remains on the balance of HOME LOANS (legal entity);

- the ability of borrowers to earn HLCoin for loan payments through a mobile application of HOME LOANS:

There is a loyalty system of HOME LOANS in the form of HLCoin for users of mobile HOME LOANS.

1) Eat at your favorite restaurant - get HLCoin.

2) Went for a run (or do anything related with sports) - get HLCoin.

3) Invited friends to us - get HLCoin.

4) Invited the partner to us - also get HLCoin.

5) You like to help others (volunteer)- get HLCoin.

- Cashback in the form of HLCoin (cashback is form of loyalty, in the form of a return of part of the  funds from the purchase back to the buyer) that will be used by our partners in the system of mobile marketing in our mobile application HOME LOANS to attract customers.

In order to create a platform HOME LOANS and develop business on a global level, our team took the decision to hold ICO

Successfull ICO will allow us to quickly create products and services, and will also make possible the development in the international market.

● for further development of this platform. We know exactly what is necessary to achieve the set objectives. This development in the global market, starting with Russia, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We conducted all the necessary research and concluded preliminary agreements with prospective local partners;

● to attract more investors on the ICO and quick start of giving loans secured by real estate after the launch of the platform;

● to attract more borrowers on the ICO that will give them more chances to get their first loan to purchase their own property right after the launch of the platform, as the system of credit rating will be able they will calculate the monthly payment, based on the number HLCoin in the wallet;

● to attract more investors on the ICO of tokens for a quick start of giving the loans secured by real estate immediately after the launch of the platform.



CEO & Co-Founder

The financial market specialist on depositary activity since 2007 (certificate AIV-001 No. 001719)

Mortgage broker since 2013


CEO & Founder

The founder of the  “Gallery”, www.glr38.ru experience: realtor for 12 years, Director 6 years



Developer of innovative devices. Programming. http://strekalev.ru



Software engineer



Software developer. Development experience is 5 years. Smart contracts specialist



Mortgage broker,experience - 3 years



Marketing Director/Commercial Director



The chief financial officer.

We started as a company in 2011, fully concentrated on real estate activities and loans secured of real estate in 2013, focused on providing optimal solutions for its customers.

To improve the professional level in the field  of real estate sales and mortgage lending every year our employees  trains that is confirmed by  certificates.

Each year our organization participates in all forums, which take place in the sphere of mortgage lending. Our partners include such giants as Sberbank, VTB 24, Gazprom Bank, URALSIB.

For programming this platform, we have attracted programmers and experts on smart contracts

Also in the process of developing and running we plan to attract specialists in blockchain.

Welcome the help of other specialists!

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