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Senin, 18 Desember 2017

CrowdDrive - Blockchain based car participation platform

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Token Sale starts 10. December 13:00 UTC!

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When you are a normal working person, it is almost impossible to get your dream car or a sport car. Don’t even think about it to make money with a car.

With our car project, we give every car lover the opportunity to participate in his dream car, and earn money with it. You now have the opportunity to participate freely in our vehicles according to your budget. Already from a participation of 10 $ you are In. Of course the money you have made is free to use. You can cash out or participate in a other car of your choice. The profits generated are distributed monthly. According to the Blockchain technology it is possible that countless people can participate in the same vehicle. This technology offers an extremely high degree of transparency in the widest possible anonymity of the participants. It is very easy to trade the purchased shares through our marketplace. The price of the vehicle shares is determined by the free market economy.

We are dealing with the subject of crypto currency and blockchain for a long time. We are convinced that this technology can and will change the world. That's why we want to use this future-oriented technology in our future-oriented project.
The block chain technology allows us to set up our project in a transparent and reliable way.
The revenue from the token sale will be invested in different vehicles and a private car garage. For all token holders it is possible to participate to the vehicles. The vehicles will be sold, rented or leased to our customers. We will make a profit, which we split to all shareholder of the vehicles. All data and changes to the vehicles will be stored in the block chain.
It is possible to sell your vehicle shares to other token holder through our marketplace. This creates an active trade and the token has a real purpose.

How CrowdDrive works
CrowdDrive will offer the available vehicles partly or wholly for participation. With the participation, you have the right to a share of the profits. The vehicles are presented with all the necessary information on our website and in the mobile application.

If a car in which you are involved, is resold or a profit is generated from the rental or leasing. This profit is shared among all partners and will be paid out in ETH, BTC or a conventional currency. If a vehicle is sold, each partner gets a list how the sales price is composed and how much profit we generated on the sale.

The purchased vehicle shares can be traded via our marketplace. The only payment option for our market place and in order to buy vehicle shares is the Car Token.
For Token holder, it is possible at any time to visit us in Switzerland and have a look at our vehicles.

Purchase of vehicle shares
Vehicle shares can be bought and sold via our market place. It is important to distinguish between two categories. There are offers from Crowddrive of newly available vehicles and there are offers of already purchased shares from token holder who want to sell their shares.
The purchase of shares is very easy through our website and from the third quarter of 2018 via our app with just a few clicks.
The offers are described in detail and all important information can be found in the offer. Crowddrive will give a non-binding price estimate for the sale price and thus a percentage gain estimate.
The payment method for our marketplace is the Car Token. We are try our best that there will always be a wide range of vehicles on our market place and always new and promising cars are available.
It will not always be 100% of a vehicle available for participation. This depends on the age, vehicle type, value of the vehicle and other factors. That’s how it is possible for CrowdDrive to compensate for potential losses. 

Vehicle shares
After you have decided for a vehicle and bought the desired shares, you don't have to worry about anything anymore. We will use the vehicle for the specific purpose. Say as a rental car, for resale or as a leasing vehicle. We do the complete handling of all the work and have a look to the fact that the vehicles are marketed optimally. 
The resulting gains are paid once a month to the owners of the vehicle shares. Depending on the customer's request in BTC, ETH or a conventional currency.
In addition, co-owner of rental vehicles, will get a monthly summary with the most important data such as rental period, mileage, achieved sales, costs of the maintenance, as well as personnel costs created by the rental and the resulting profit.
Co-owner of vehicles, which will be sold or leased, will also receive a summary with the most important data after we made a successful sale.
We will determine the value of the rental cars every 2 months and update it on the platform. So you'll always have the overview how much value the purchased shares have and how much profit you have earned.
It is not a problem to sell your shares at any time. The vehicle shares can easily be resold via the market place to other interested parties. You can offer your shares on the market place and negotiate the price with potential buyers.

Car Reviews
We will do car reviews in the form of Youtube videos on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the time expenses and we will introduce all the vehicles exactly. We hope that we can provide an added value to our community. We also think about working with car spotter. We are going to place a contact form on our website for Youtuber and car spotter. And depending on the availability of the vehicles we will provide them the car for reviews. However, there will be a certain guidelines, which will be published on our website.

Vehicle sales and leasing
In our garage we will offer different vehicles of middle and upper class for sale or lease. What brand we will sell effectively will depend on whether we reach our goal in the Token Sale. We will tailor our offering to the customer requirements. We try to ensure the most effective operation and the best result for our customers and co-owner. 
Brands to our desire for the sales figures are, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Maserati or VW. Which brand we choose strongly depends on the conditions and the result of the token sales. To operate a garage effectively, we need at least 5000 ETH as start-up capital.

Vehicle rental
To start our sport car rental service, we need several suitable vehicles. For our project sport car are considered, which are not seen daily and are regarded as a status symbol. The vehicles should be powerful and still easy to drive.

Future Applications
At the beginning of our project we will provide rental vehicles, vehicles for resale and leasing vehicles for participation in our marketplace.
Of course, in the future, once we have established ourselves, many other applications are possible, which we want to integrate into our platform. We will describe the possible applications in detail below.

An important application that could be implemented worldwide is taxis. The idea behind this is to get a share of a taxi. A partner company or we are operating the taxis including chauffeur and everything that belongs to it. From the turnover, the running costs such as salary, vehicle maintenance and gasoline are subtracted, what is left is the profit. The profits made are shared among all shareholders.
We are also convinced that there will be self-driving cars in the not-too-distant future. This will also revolutionize the taxi market. This opens up new business opportunities and we offer the best solution to participate in new technologies easily and without much effort. 

Food delivery
Food delivery services are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, especially in big cities. You can order your food online at home. In most cases small vehicles are used for delivery, especially in agglomerations with larger delivery distances.
A partner company or we can operate the vehicles. As with all applications, the profit made will be paid out to all shareholders.

Product and Courier delivery service
People are getting more and more used to short delivery times. If you order something in an online shop, you would like to have the ordered goods delivered as fast as possible. Many online shops have recognized this trend and are offering their customers a next-day delivery or even a delivery on the same day.
There are also many companies that use courier delivery services. This is mostly related to the fact that they need a specific item as quickly as possible and therefore they are willing to pay the additional costs.
Here too, our platform offers the opportunity to gain a foothold in a future-oriented market and to participate in it.

Long distance bus
Long-distance buses are experiencing a real boom. The low prices they offer makes life difficult for the traditional passenger transport companies. Again, there is the possibility that you can secure market shares. As with the taxis and vehicle rental service, we or a partner company would take care of all the work. And as a shareholder, you will receive your pro rata profits. 

Limousine and chauffeur service
Also in the area limousine service and chauffeur service, there is the possibility to establish ourselves in the market and build another foothold.
Limousine service and chauffeur services are more likely to be used by wealthy people. This corresponds to a rather small target group, which also wants to be served and attaches great importance to good service.

Logistics and freight transport
Logistics and freight transport account for a large part of the global traffic. Through globalization, goods are transported worldwide by trucks.
In this market, our project also offers the opportunity to participate in this world market and secure a market share in future. 

Car Sharing
People are becoming more environmentally friendly. They are beginning to share more and more of their everyday items and consumables.
Even vehicles are being shared more and more by various people. A car is mostly used only temporarily and is parked most of the time. With car sharing it is possible to increase the utilization and reduce the costs for each user, because the costs are shared among all vehicle users.
We are convinced that this trend will continue. If at some point there will be self-driving cars, this market will see a further boom and more people will adopt for this model.
Here too, CrowdDrive and all Token Holder have the opportunity to participate in a future-oriented market.

Tobias Schneider

LinkedIn E-Mail


Since I'm 16 years old, I am dealing with cars. I’m still a big fan of fast and sporty cars. 
It was and is a big dream, to own a sport car one day. Unfortunately, this dream hasn’t come true yet. 
I have rented different sport cars several times and it was a great experience that has influenced me. That’s why we came up with this project. I think there are a lot people in the world with the same dream and with this project we want to enable at least that you can own a part of your dream car and in the best case, it is even possible for some co-owner to buy the dream car by the profits you earn. Computers also delight me and I’m now dealing more than a year with the subject of block chain and crypto currencies. I think that is the future, and therefore our idea is based on this technology.
We already had a business in Switzerland. That was our fist experience as entrepreneurs. You have to start somewhere.
I first heard of the blockchain technology in January 2016 and I'm invested and into it since January 2017.

Adrian Wingeier

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I was always fascinated about sport cars and of course I wanted to own one since I had my driving license. Unfortunately this dream has not been coming true yet. As a normal working person it is almost impossible to afford an expensive sport car. Everyone who is familiar with finance knows that you have to spend money for making money. But this is hard without any money to invest. And that is exactly how we came up with this interesting idea, which allows everyone to participate in his favorite sport car and still earn money through our clever business.

Pre Token Sale
There will be a Pre Token Sale. In the Pre Token Sale everybody can take part that wants to introduce more than 50 ETH in the Token Sale. During the Pre Sale, a maximum of 20% of the token is distributed to the participants. 

Name of the TokenCar Token
Maximum amount19'000'000 CAR
Offered in the Pre-Sale3'800'000 CAR
Accepted currenciesETH
Exchange rate1 ETH = 500 CAR
Pre Token Sale period02.11.2017 - 10.12.2017
Smallest accepted amount50 ETH

CrowdDrive Pixel
At the CrowdDrive Pixel Shop you get free CAR Token with every purchase.

Offered at the CrowdDrive Pixel Shop1'900'000 CAR
Exchange rateFree tokens with every purchase
CrowdDrive Pixel purchase period19.11.2017 - 10.01.2018

Token Sale
During the Token sale, a maximum of 50% of the token is distributed to the participants. The Smart contract only creates as many CAR as necessary.

Name of the TokenCar Token
Maximum amount19'000'000 CAR
Offered in the Token Sale9'500'000 CAR
Inflation rateNo new tokens will be generated ever
Accepted currenciesETH
Exchange rate1 ETH = 460 CAR
Token Sale period10.12.2017 - 10.01.2018
Smallest accepted amount0.1 ETH

Token Distribution
The tokens are credited directly in the wallet. It is important that you only send Ether from a wallet that you hold the private key and supports ERC-20 token.
The token distribution is as following:

Token Sale Incentives

From 50 ETH:
•   If you participate with more than 50 ETH in our token sale , you will get your favorite car as a model sent home.

From 200 ETH:
•   If you participate with more than 200 ETH in our Token Sale, you will be invited for a weekend in Switzerland. During this weekend, we will explore the most beautiful places in Switzerland with our sport cars, which will be available for the whole weekend.

From 400 ETH:
•   If you participate with more than 400 ETH in our Token Sale, you will be invited to Switzerland for 5 days. During these 5 days, we will explore the most beautiful places in Switzerland with our sport cars, which will be available all the time. As a highlight we will visit a racetrack with the sport cars.


Q4 2017
10. December 2017
•   Start Token Sale

Q1 2018
•   Founding of GmbH in Switzerland

10. January 2018
•   End Token Sale

30. January 2018
•   Listing on the first Exchanges
•   Purchase of the cars and commissioning of a garage

Q2 2018
•   Marketplace online
•   First costumers and linked to the first turnover

Q3 2018
•   Final Version of the mobile application

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